WHO Wins BBNaija 2018? Double Wahala For These 20 Housemates

The drama didn’t wait for the 20 housemates to relax before they were hit by Big Brother.  Nigerians are already talking without stop as the contestants try to understand what is happening in the house. Six contestants without beds were asked to vacate the house and pack their bags.  The money is the goal! The drama is for Nigerians to use and vote.

Who wins this year’s edition of  the Big Brother Naija 3 ‘Double Wahala?’

Nina, says she is a cat with nine lives and has a plan with the money  “I’ll pay my tithe, I’ll help my family, I’ll invest in business”

Teddy A, want to be popular and make it in life. He is a chameleon who can easily change to any situation. He said about winning  “Invest some of it, the rest will be used to fund my label”

Vandora, loves food and has found motivation after she failed her second year at the university. Her family cannot believe she is here. . She said about winning: “Invest (but I’m not sure on what to invest)”

K Brule, said he would make such education and energy is accessible for all if he were a global leader. Winning the price “10% tithe, personal tithe to reach out to people, savings and invest in my career”

Alex is  a social butterfly and dances to everything.  What to do with the money : “I really don’t know for now”

Dee One, is born comedian and enjoys creativity. What to do with the money “I have already booked a date at Eko Hotel for my show in November, I’m just waiting for the prize money, I’m also starting a comedy agency where we will sign upcoming acts”

Princess has not reached the highest point of life and is desiring to do more. She intends “I’m looking at starting a lingerie line for plus-size women. I also own a beauty supply business that I will invest a lot of the money in.”

Ahneeka loves unrest.  Her family are scared she is in the house but they have her support. What to do with the money “I don’t know yet.”

Miracle is a licensed pilot who is looking for other areas in life to explore and is bringing confusion amongst the ladies. What to do with the money: “I’ll use part of the money to further my pilot training and the rest to help my family.”

BamBam had used acting to overcome her challenges. She is a black panther that will devour other housemates What to do with the money: “I’ll pay my tithes and invest in a few businesses”

Rico Swavey just wants to catch fun. He is a ladies’ man and has a lion’s heart. What to do with the money “Help my cousin who has autism, invest in my music – I have a new sound called ‘Afrosantana’ and also give back to all those that stood up for me when things were difficult”

Bitto is sure his family will be fuming and shocked that he has sneaked into the house. He is the camel that cannot be broken. What to do with the money  “I will give 20% to charity, start my own production studio- audio and video. Get married and start a family.”

Ifu-Ennada is a self made lady who will miss her phone. What to do with the money  “I have some scripts I have written – I want to make films, I also want to build a fitness brand, I also want to go into hair business, also charity”

Khloe has no hidden talent and often misunderstood.  She wants to  “stop university education” if she is a leader. What to do with the money “I want to start a foundation to empower street children. I also have like two movie scripts that I want to produce.”

Leo would has loved to see his daddy see him graduate from school He believes he is a problem solver. What to do with the money: “Invest in business, use it to facilitate some development in Surulele, the area I grew up.”

Angel is always mistaken for a famous Nigerian personality. What to do with the money: “I have 3 films I want to make. I’ll buy equipment for my studio.”

Tobi loves photography and football. He is in the house for the fun. What to do with the money: “Help my friends first, then buy properties”

Lolu is a secret poet, dancer and singer. His father is unaware of his participation in the game What to do with the money:  “I’ll go back to school and I’ll also invest, travel – Aruba, Seychelles, Mauritius Greece, help renovate my father’s house”

Cee-C has found her purpose in life.  She is willing to learn new things What to do with the money. “Giving back to the society and I’ll start a campaign to make the ministry of education incorporate ‘self-development’ into the educational system.

Anto is the polished housemate who was born and bred in America. She has no talent that is special. What to do with the money: “Pay back school loans, help my mother financially, I have a few personal projects I want to work on