Why You Should Visit Kigali, Rwanda

Many people think of genocide when the name Rwanda comes up, however, the devastation of the city has dimmed over the years. Rwanda is a wildlife-filled paradise with one of the hippest capital in Africa. Kigali has been on the radar for its tourist attractions. 

While Rwanda is one of the safest places to visit in the world, its capital, Kigali takes the shine from the beautiful country. In Kigali, tourists and locals enjoy the park-lined boulevards stroll, long after the sun disappears beneath the hills.

Things to do in Kigali

Discover the chequered history of Rwanda

The dark history of Rwanda is hurting and haunting. Kigali offers you an insight into what went wrong in the country and the miraculous healing of the country. The post-genocide looks good on the country with reforms happening to give the country a beautiful outlook towards life.

Witness the thriving art scene

Kigali has a thriving art scene that depicts different things. The many art galleries in the city show the skills of the locals. The Niyo Cultural Center offers kids an opportunity to learn how to dance, sing. And drum.

Enjoy Kigali’s green spaces

Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills, and this becomes evident after pounding the steep streets of Kigali. The green side of the city is the highlight of your visit. There is no place like Kigali when it comes to the greenery in Africa. Wander the gardens and parks and enjoy the scenery. Kigali is extremely clean and has a diverse architecture that blends the modern with the past.

Find souvenirs 

A visit to Nyamirambo Women’s Center leaves you mesmerized with colourful locally crafted toys, clothing, and ornaments. The center is more than a store, with a library to help women learn how to read and write.

Explore Kigali

Kigali is the gateway to the amazing attractions of Rwanda. The city keeps you glued to itself with many attraction spots. Some of the hot attraction spots in the country are close to the capital city. From the Nyungwe Forest National Park to the Wilderness Safaris’ new camp, and other spots, Kigali remains a gateway. From Kigali, you can visit the Akagera National Park, where you can see different wild animals and birds.

Explore great accommodation options

Tourists have numerous accommodation options in Kigali. The city has some luxury chain hotels that have offer comfort and extravagance in its offerings.

You stay closer to home when you come to Kigali. Most of its hotels have the state of the art facilities to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Dive into Kigali’s cafe culture

Kigali has a rich cafe culture that attracts both tourists and locals to enjoy its local and international brews.

You can do these few things when you are in this beautiful city. Did we tell you about the connectivity and stable electricity in Kigali? Come to Kigali and witness life to its fullest.