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Why You Should Stay Away From Cheap Hotel Rooms when planning your trip to Africa

When you want to book a hotel room, there are things you should stay away from- extremely cheap rooms if you are not a local. The reason why you should stay away from such rooms is for your safety. We are not saying that you shouldn’t go for affordable rooms, but it should be reasonable comfortable for you. Some hotels in Africa do bring down the rate of their services to attract customers.  Most people do go for these hotels because it  is so affordable but forget there are so many disadvantages in this choice such as:

The comfort of a hotel is so much based on power supply. When you lodge in a hotel and experience power outbreak in the middle of the night, this means you’ll have to sleep under a hot atmosphere. And not just that, in a situation where your electronic gadgets are down,  you’ll be unable to charge them.  Power supply shouldn’t be a challenge in a hotel that you have decided to make use of.

One issue you’ll have to consider when opting for cheap hotels is their security system. Some of these cheap hotels do not have a standard security system to protect you from unseen harms and danger. You might just wake up in the morning and find out that your car is missing from the car park.  If a hotel is not safe for you, you must leave the hotel immediately.

When you wake up in the morning and have an emergency meeting to attend to, you rush into the bathroom only to find out that there is no water rushing in the bathroom. You’ll have to go to the meeting furious, without taking your bath. The discomfort can be terrible especially if the weather is hot.

One thing about these cheap hotels is that the environment is always unkempt. You’ll have to deal with rats, bugs and other insects sharing your room with you. At night, you’ll also have mosquitoes biting and annoying you with their buzz.  This type of story may never be heard of if you are making use of a hotel that is standard and also gives you discount.

The room services of some cheap hotels  are always as slow as a snail. You’ll have to wait for a whole day before you can receive your order. Their staffs are so lazy and untrained, rude and unfriendly.  These are some of the things you may have to avoid by booking a better hotel room.