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Why You Should Spend Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria is a family event, a time when lots of family members come together to celebrate and have fun. You should really plan on spending your Christmas holidays in Nigeria because there is no boring time. There are always lots of activities to engage in.  Christmas in Nigeria is usually unique and special that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Here is a list of reasons why Christmas in Nigeria always stands out.

Family And Friends

We’re always tied up at work that we hardly have time to pay our loved ones a visit throughout the year. Most times, phone calls and social media chat ups are just not enough  to keep the relationship between our family and friends tight. So the Christmas holiday is always an avenue to meet up with our loved ones and make up for the time each and everyone has been apart. During this period, the family and friends come together to share quality time with one another. They hangout, share experiences, cracked jokes and lots more.

The Atmosphere

During the Christmas period, the atmosphere seems to be rebranded. Love and fun are always in the air; sounds of firework, children playing and singing Christmas songs, travellers here and there. Everyone always seems to be filled with joy and excitements, with celebration. It feels like heaven has finally come down on earth and you’ll never wish for the Christmas period to be over.

The Good Wishes

This is one thing that doesn’t miss out during the Christmas holidays. In fact, I would say that this is the aspect that makes Christmas in Nigeria so unique and different from others around the globe. During this period, there are no enemies because wishes and gifts are given to anyone who you come across. Apart getting gifts from Santa Clause popularly known as ‘Father Christmas’ here in Nigeria, family and friends never miss out in exchanging gifts to each other. It is a season of love feast.


OMG! This is definitely the part I enjoy most during this season. During this season, your stomach knows no bounds. There’s always plenty to eat and drink so long as you’re in for it.  Varieties of foods are always at your disposal ranging from continental dishes down to local dishes not excluding snacks. Children always kill themselves with food to the extent of having constipation…  Most people drink themselves to stupor and end up making a mess of themselves. Food and drinks always fill up everywhere like the stars fill up the moon.

Social Activities

You think you’re a Social Guru? Well Nigeria is the place for you to be during Christmas. There are lots of social activities during this season ranging from carnivals, cultural displays, night hangouts down to clubbing. Parties are thrown here and there, weddings, birthdays, thanksgivings and not forgetting Christmas Carols. There are also lots of places to visit like amusement parks, beach, ranch, zoo’s and many others.