Why Businesses in Africa Need Flyers & Brochures

A good business owner  in Africa would know that to attract potential customers, flyers and brochures are very important. The feedback and response these materials provide are ideal for small businesses, looking for ideas to move forward.  Flyers and brochures will raise awareness for a brand name or company in this continent.  Many small businesses have flourished in no small part, thanks to the publicity that a brochure design raised during its distribution.

Importance of Company’s Leaflet Design

The service of a good printing firm is required if you need to achieve success with flyers and brochures in Africa.  It does not matter the size of these promotional materials if they can project your firm successfully to the public.  The design on your company’s leaflet should be glossy and good to help it stand out in retaining product or company’s name in consumers’ memory.

Unlike business cards that have little to say about your company, brochures are large enough to contain vital information regarding your products and services. A brochure often provides some of the questions that a potential prospect may want to ask.

Consumers are smarter these days when it comes to making their purchasing decision. You may not be around when a customer picks your flyer or brochure.  If these materials are unable to provide answers to the customer and assure them that they will get value for the money they are to spend, you may end up losing the money spent on those materials.

The Design of Your Flyers and Brochures

When it comes to flyers designing, you need a designer that will tell your business story as accurate and straightforward as you want in fantastic designs. The flyers and brochures may not necessarily be expensive, but they must be able to pass information that will translate to purchasing products or making use of a service

Difference Between Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures can be confusing to some people. The difference between the two can be seen to some extent in the intended usage and physical characteristics. Leaflets are unfolded single printed business sheets that announce an idea, product, service or an event.  The message in a flyer is precise and straightforward in short sentences. The size is smaller and easier to handle by a customer. Flyers can be referred to as circulars, leaflets, inserts or handbills. A flyer has a short lifespan unlike a brochure and is mostly used to announce special promotions or an event.

A brochure is printed on both sides with pages of information or multiple panels that are bonded together.  Smaller brochures are often called pamphlets.  A brochure is heavier than flyers and is printed in colours. Brochures are not distributed to everyone, but they can only be distributed when a sale is initiated. The reason for this is because a brochure is more expensive to produce and contain more information that a customer requires. It is important that a brochure is of great quality because it is the light of any business.