Why African Women Should Lift weight

Where are those of our friends that said women shouldn’t lift weight?  There have been a lot of misconceptions about weight and women. It is not true that weightlifting would cause a lady to develop a bulky body posture. However, weightlifting can improve self esteem, confidence and a great body. There are a lot of reasons why a lady should lift weight.

  1. Lose Up To 40 Percent More Fat

It has been discovered that weightlifting would help a lady lose up to 40 percent of the body fat compared to other types of workout faster.  Weightlifters are known to lose pure fat while those who do not may lose muscle and fat. You can see the difference that weightlifters are able to lose their body fat compared to those who do not.

  1. The Clothes Will Fit Better

As you grow older you would discover that you are adding more fat that your clothes may not fit you perfectly. With weightlifting, this can be taken care off.  There is no need wasting a lot of money on different programs to look perfect when you can easily get that with weightlifting that do not have a side effect. What you should learn to do when lifting weight is to do it right. When weightlifting is done right, it is easier for you to have a perfect body structure.

  1. Burn More Calories

When ladies lift weight, the number of calories is burnt faster and this is what a lot of ladies would love to achieve.

  1. Diet Will Improve

Weightlifting would improve a lady’s eating habit which is the reason why it is recommended that ladies carry weight. The myth of losing shape has been proven to be false.

  1. Handle Stress Better

It has been discovered that when weight is lifted by a lady, she would be able to handle stress better. This is what a non weight lifter may find difficult to achieve.

The myths

Weightlifting makes a lady masculine and bulky is not true. The fact that women do not produce testosterone as the men has been the bone of contention in this matter.  The mistake that some ladies do is to make use of anabolic steroids which may disfigure their body. However, when weight lifting is carried out without the synthetic testosterone, it is very easy to maintain a ‘killer body’.

Exercise does not increase the chest size of a lady. The fact that the women’s breast are made of fatty tissue stops this from happening. Weight training does not make you stiff  or muscle bound. The only thing that you would discover is that you are very flexible and can do a lot of works easier, that is if you are doing the workout right.

With these facts you would realize that it is not true that weightlifting would harm a lady. This is the opposite of what weightlifting can do to you.  Over the years, ladies have been banned from lifting weight because of the numerous myths which are today proven to be false. You can now lift weight if you are thinking of the fastest way to lose fat instead of muscles.