Why A Trip To Sierra Leone Will “wow” You

For an adventurous traveler, coming to Sierra Leone is a dream come true. The West Africa’s country is a haven for unspoiled hidden beaches with white sands and stunning backgrounds in the form of hills, mountains, and rainforest. For a while, Sierra Leone was missing from the bucket list of tourists coming to Africa until peace came to the country. The palm-fringed coastlines, lush jungles, and romantic destinations will wow you when you make a trip to the country.

You may likely take a rest in Freetown, a city set against the lush mountain, offering you plenty of avenues to watch wildlife, comb beaches, lounge along the seaside and observe arts and customs in some of the villages. Tourism is raw with places that are still untapped by tourists.

Wake with fresh air from the sea, watch little kids go for the necessary early morning errands, and enjoy some sumptuous local delicacies in any of the villages. The Yawri Bay is some distance away from Freetown. The bay is a coastal wetland that is shallowly filled with mangrove swamp and rivulets. While others may still be lazying around in Freetown, you may take a trip to the bay to watch birds or even fish with the locals.

Tourism and fishing met at the Lakka Beach, a romantic part of Sierra Leone that you will love to spend your whole vacation here if you are newly-wed. A relaxing vacation is what this coastal town offers its guests. The beach is stunning, and the atmosphere conjures romance and intimacy.

The story of the Martello Tower brought memories of the 19th century when Freetown was guarded against the tower. The tower was constructed in round shape on the Tower Hill with a water tank found at its base. A climb to the tower provides panoramic views of Freetown.  There is a National Railway Museum that will impress you with its design. The museum was constructed from a locative shed and filled with amazing collections of UK built locomotives.  There are headlamps, photographs, hardware assets, wage boxes, tickets, etc. to be seen when you visit the museum.

Thinking of an offbeat experience, there is a mountain called Mountain Bintumani that has the highest peak in the country for you to explore. You have lots of places to conquer, from the rope bridge that is not for the faint-hearted, the high and cliffs, the hiking across the grass plains, the wildlife spotting, the lush vegetation and the mountain climbing are some of the activities that await you at the mountain.

The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary has a different story to tell you. The sanctuary has chimpanzees that roam freely in the jungle while the village of Regent, a picturesque spot in Sierra Leone is a perfect destination for tourists  close to the sanctuary. The rainforest, the fresh breeze from the forest, the eco-huts, rare animals, waterfalls and villagers around the sanctuary can be something that Mother Nature can make possible.

Finally, no trip to Sierra Leone is ever complete without eating some of the local delicacies that are healthy and sumptuous.  Try and eat some of the best meals that are served at some of the country’s exotic restaurants. At the end of your trip, you will have lots of stories to tell about this wonderful country that is becoming the fastest growing tourist destination on earth. Do not forget to travel with your camera because there are a lot of surprises that await your arrival when you come to Sierra Leone.