Travel Tips

What You Should Never Do on a Plane

We take flights for comfort, speed, and pure relaxation, especially if you had a hectic day before boarding our plane. However, while taking flights can be exciting and rewarding, we should let you know that we have unwritten rules and regulations you should follow. While these rules and regulations might seem trivial, they can put you in big trouble if care is not taken to avoid them.

We have listed some of the things you must not do on a plane.

Do not experiment with medications 

If you have not taken a particular medication before, do not try it on air or even before flying. You should take such medication way before flying in order to ensure all possible side effects are gone. That helps you observe the effect of the drug. Imagine, having a panic attack 35,000 feet above the sea due to the drugs you took. The experience is better not imagined as help on air is minimal.

Do not throw away your safety briefing

Many people do not bother reading through their safety briefing. The information on that paper can save your life. You should understand what to do at every point in time, Learn the exit routes to take during emergencies too. It may seem routine and unnecessary but it is important to at least know all safety etiquette on the airplane.

Life-Threatening Jokes Must Not be Told

You should not joke about crashes or bombs. That joke can be expensive and land you in big trouble. The airline can deboard you or force you to pay a serious fine.

Do Not Recline your Seat During Meals

You should learn to respect other people’s space during mealtime. You should not recline your seat during eating, to avoid discomforting the person sitting behind you.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Drinking on air is not recommended, especially overindulging in alcohol. You can get dehydrated or at worse, get drunk.

No one wants to shoulder your drunkenness on air. The air is not a place to play around. You should save yourself the stress of getting drunk or dehydrated by drinking less. The flight is usually for a few hours and you should be able to manage with that until you get to ground where plenty of drinks would be available.

Do not Play with the Flight Attendant Call Button

The flight attendant call button is mostly for emergencies or needs. You must not use it for pleasure or play. Use it only when it is necessary to help the flight attendants serve you better.

Do not Put your Bag Overhead If It Can Go Under the Seat

If your bag can go under the seat, you should not use the overhead. Help the airline by staying orderly when it comes to where you put your bag.

Do Not Inflict Your feet on Other Passengers

The feet should not be a hindrance to others. Find ways to take care of your legs on air. If you have smelly feet, throwing your feet around can be a problem.

We have other tips that you can follow on a plane. If you can stay away from some of these factors listed, you make flying more fun for yourself and others.