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What You Should Know Before You Can Make A Night Travel in Africa

Do you know there was a certain time in African history when travelling at night was actually the best option when it comes to long distance journeys?

You can imagine travelling from the East to the West or to the North at night, although this was a trend until the introduction of smaller buses which conveyed passengers to any destination of your choice during the day time.

Surprisingly this did not stop the night travel culture because even the business men and women who are not financially buoyant to lodge in hotels settle for night travels. Emergencies could occur sometimes, for example missing a flight which could take you to your choice destination, you got no choice but to settle for night travel.
These tips are therefore helpful when embarking on one of these night travels.

No excess Luggage

It will totally be totally unnecessary to  carry a whole lot of baggage especially containing stuffs you would not be need during the travel. You can take into consideration a lot of mishaps that  could take place, for example,a highway robbery.  To be on the safe side, you must travel with stuffs that wouldn’t be an emotional burden to you when you lose them.
On a night journey you must avoid showing off your gadgets, mobile devices and other expensive gadgets. It is  better you leave them at home or better still if you must use them on your journey,you should keep them out of the sight of other passengers. You may never know who is stalking you and besides a night journey is not the best of times to flaunt what you’ve got.

Control Your Money

Another tip is to control your money. Why would you travel with lots of cash stashed in your pocket or wallet? You must be in control! You should never carry lots of cash on a night journey. Besides they are banks nationwide or better still you got another choice-the ATM or the online banking money transfers.

On a Night journey its unsafe travelling with lots of cash in your possession, besides how do you plan protecting your money should an emergency show up?

Take a torch with you.

With a torch it is  easy to find your way in the dark. You may have to ignore the one on your mobile device. Here’s a key,its unsafe exposing your mobile device under the guise of using it as a torch,  it’s better to get a real torch which is affordable.
Be mindful of your luggage

There is always a point where you would have to stop, make sure you have your gaze on your belongings because some of the passengers may come down and at the end may drop your luggage in an attempt to get theirs out. You must focused on making sure that your items are safe.