What to Wear To A Wedding As A Guest

Dressing for weddings does not come simply for many guests. The glamour and showoffs in African weddings can leave many ladies planning for weeks or months. However, a small fashion mistake can ruin everything for you.

Do you want to know the right dress you should wear to a wedding? Come on board, we will tell you all you need to know about dressing properly for a wedding.

Follow the Dress Code

Some celebrants for reasons like the kind of wedding or season of the year may specify what the dress code should be. This is the primary guide to choosing your dress for a wedding. Dressing for a black-tie wedding in the winter can not be the same dressing as the same kind of weeding in the summer.

What to Wear During the Vacation Wedding

The best time for vacation is the hot season and your choice of clothing matters a lot.  So breathable clothes like chiffon, cotton, linen, and rayon, with a sandal to go with them, are the best outfits to weddings during this period.

Ladies, you can use high-heels or wedge if you don’t want to rock a sandal. On the other hand, guys, you can think of something lighter if you don’t want to wear suits. We have seen traditional cloths also being worn for vacation weddings.

If it is a casual event, think of short sleeve shirts or polo on top of chinos with loafers footwear to match.

What to Wear to a Christmas Wedding

The Christmas season is characterized by cool weather, so wedding this time is always formal, with Christmas and New Year vibe in the air. Men can put on a classic tux, a bow tie, and cufflinks, and ladies can put on a long sleeve full-length grown. If you prefer a sleeveless gown, think of getting a muffler to wrap to stay warm.

In addition, during the middle of the year, you can consider using pastel-coloured dresses and knee-length floral prints are the best dresses for a spring wedding. Men should put on a bright pocket square in their suit breast pocket or wear a floral-print tie.

Use the Venue as a Guide

Where the wedding is held is a good guide to your dressing. Your dressing for an outdoor wedding must be different from your dressing for a ballroom wedding. If the wedding is held on religious premises, wear a dress that has covered shoulders. Chunky heel shoes should be worn to an outdoor wedding. A kitten heel or a stiletto will make you sink in the sand.

Avoid Wearing White

Do not wear an all-white dress to a wedding, unless the celebrants specifically made it the dress code. Check the dress specification on the invite before choosing the dress you wear.

Accessorize Your Outfit

Good dresses have to go with the right Jewelry to project elegance for ladies. Men should as well add more beauty to their dress like putting on a colourful pocket square, a printed tie, or a sleek belt. Wearing a nice looking wristwatch, a signet ring will make much difference.


What additional tips do you have for guests to African weddings?