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What Do You Know About Negative Calorie Foods?

There is lots of information about the purported negative calorie meals which have been said to help digest easily and needs more energy from the body. A lot of these foods are fruits and vegetables which are able to help one stay very healthy.

What is a negative calorie food? This is what a lot of people would want to know; a negative calorie food is that meal that is falsely claimed to require a lot of energy to get digested than it can be able to provide. This means that the thermic effect of getting the food digested is much. However, there have not been a scientific evidence that the foods that are claimed to negative calorie are negative.

There are lots of soft drinks that are erroneously advertised as having the so called negative calories but it is only ice water that has no calories that is truly a negative calorie beverage but requires the human body to raise its temperature through raising its energy. This means that the negative calorie food has become an urban myth.

The theory that one can be able to reduce in weight by taking so many of these negative foods have become what we hear from so many weight lose routine users. An example of this food is the celery and some non-starchy vegetable which is mainly fiber and water.

There are lots of meals that are in the category of negative calories like the vegetable and fruit like the grapefruit, lemon, apple, cabbage, broccoli and many others. There have not been a solid evidence that these meals are having a negative calorific effect on the body. For instance, the celery has a thermic effect of about 8%, which is less than the required 100% of the normal meals.

There are also some proteins which only give 6 calories to the body but need more energy from the body. Proteins are expected to require a lot of energies to digest but have only a 20-30 % thermic energy. Also Jerusalem artichokes and water chestnuts have also negative calories because a lot of people believe that these foods requires a lot of energy to chew than they can help the body with calories.

Diets that are based on the negative calorie food do not really function as they made to be, they can only make one lose water because they merely fill the stomach and satisfy its hunger carve with its lower calorie count per volume only.

A lot of the advertised soft drinks that are labeled zero calorie really have some calories and also requires that some calories are used to process its digestion in the body than the amount they can give the body. Also these drinks do not necessary have dietary sustenance as the other negative calorie meals . It is only cold water that would be able to provide the body with no calorie as it requires a lot of energy from the body to get the temperature increased.

In 2007, Center for Science in the Public Interest, a watchdog group has sued the Nestle S.A and Coca Cola company for advertising falsely that their product diet soda Enviga was a also a negative calorie food.

It is expected that when a negative calorie food is taken, the user would not have to feel an ounce of guilt which is what this is all about. However, this is not really the case as it has been labeled as a myth. This is the reality of these foods, each day the body needs about 5 to 10 % of the total energy expenditure of the body to store and digest the nutrients that are taken. The end point of the matter s that these diets that would promote you to eat just few foods would end up causing you to lose out a lot of important nutrients that are important in the body. And for one to lose weight is to get a great healthy eating habit and lifestyle which requires diets and exercise often.