West African Entrepreneurs Who Have Rebranded Businesses in their Countries

Africa is bustling with ingenuity and jewels, boasting some of the fastest growing international economies and offering vast business opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors.  For those who are creative, the continent has provided a virgin niche for them to explore.

These are some of the West African entrepreneurs who have gone the extra miles to give their countries a boast in their various niches.

Gozie Udemezue

Gozie Udemezue is a Nigerian trained lawyer and human right activist, who discovered ways of making a firm or an enterprise to experience rapid growth , as rebranding and adding more value to  an already existing  product and bringing it back  to the market. This was the ideology she introduced into her grandmothers already existing local eatery. She said that her source of creativity hails from God. It took her a year and some months, after which her news went viral people booked for dishes from different countries of the world.

 Dr  Ashifi Gogo

Ashifi Gogo is Ghanaian who devised a drastic measure on how to dictate if your buyer  is inauthentic. This made him conduct some researches in 2009,  and his result was acknowledged with a prize in the White House. He said if his giving out additional fund on a commodity, he wants to be sure if the goods are genuine. This made him to work with firms and establishments to make sure their final users does not buy substandard goods, prize were given to their final  users to retain them, the result of his research has gone to various marketing sector and firms that produce consumable goods to eradicate fake  buyers.

Iyin Aboyeji 

Iyin Aboyeji  is a Nigerian investor, who unveiled how he  talked the CEO of Facebook to commit funds whose worth was about $24 million .He is the owner of technology giant Andela, he also  organized technological exhibition in Africa. The  reality  is that he is now in the peak of his game. He believed that a success requires a successor, he aimed at transforming the process of fund transactions in Africa, through less stress trading of   computerized  funds. This has served as an eye opener to Africans.

Jason Njoku

Jason Njoku is an investor from Nigeria, He is the CEO of IROKO partner and IROKOTV, which is one of the best television  operating system in Africa. He spelt out  his aim which  was to ensure peoples total well–being. He said that his first step was with YouTube in 2010, where he took care of the basics in establishing an ultimate world class media firm, accompanied with the issues in line with word class establishment. He admitted that he was  doing things on the basis of trial and error, And that what kept him going was that the options he  preferred were just the best and that they have more level of importance than the other. As self made business he confirmed  that his major goal was to look out and help upcoming entrepreneurs, who will do more exploits than him.