The WEIRD Stories You May Have Missed in Africa in 2017

You think you know everything that happened in 2017? Maybe, you see remember that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe resigned after a bloodless coup. There were shifts in the governments of Gambia and Angola. You may still remember the many stories of innovations and tragedies. However, there are stories we think you should remember that happened in Africa.

Traffic Cop Fashionista Humiliated in a Hair Chop

She was the modern woman who wanted to do something different in the Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC).  She was caught with a long hair and  a senior commander disciplined her by cutting off her long hair in public. The video sparked outrage online. Lauretta Onochie, an aide to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, condemned the haircuts as a “humiliation of women”.

The Happy ‘Githeri Man’

Who cares about election when the stomach is hungry? This is the story of a Kenyan man, Martin Kamotho, caught eating githeri, a popular meal of boiled maize and beans during Kenya’s election in August. His picture went viral because he represented the average Kenyan in that nonchalant posture. He ended up becoming a local celebrity.

The Boozing church

The Gobola Church in Johannesburg changed the ball games of what is expected in an evangelical church. Booze is prohibited and members who are caught taking it and given the back seat. But the Gobola Church made a new rule. It opened its doors to people who drink and they are served beer during services.

Two accidents. One witness

A Kenyan man, Dennis Muigai got everyone in shock after witnessing two fatals accidents and reporting them.  He was interviewed after a fatal helicopter crash on  October, in which at least five people were killed. And in November fatal crash in Murang’a, in central Kenya, some 200 km (124m) away from the first accident, in which a local governor died.

Bald men and Gold

Mozambique got us startled when the police reported that bald men are vulnerable because they were the targets of ritual killings. It was erroneously believed that bald men’s heads contain gold. Two men lost their lives in this crazy for gold.

Sudan Trouser Ban

Sudan ban women wearing trousers. Many women were arrested and charged for wearing trousers. If the women had been convicted, they could have faced punishment of 40 lashes and a fine for wearing “an obscene outfit”.


Which other story did we miss?