Weird Fashion Hacks You Can’t Live Without

There are days we wish we did things differently when it comes to what we wear. We may have found ourselves in a misery because of a fashion paux and we don’t know the way to redeem our fashion face. We have rounded up some weird fashion life hacks you would love to know.

The Bra Straps!

When you are moving out with an open shoulder outfits and there is no strapless bra around, you can handle the situation with a paper clip. Pick one paper clip and insert each of the strap into the ends of each. With this hack, you are good to go!

Showing Underwear

This can be embarrassing. When your panty lines are showing on a perfect outfit, you may find yourself in an awkward moment. To avoid this and get a seamless and smooth appearance, make use of designer shapewear that accentuates the body parts and hide away your underwear.

Sweater Fuzz Balls

We love some sweaters that we don’t want to let them go until we start seeing fuzz balls on them. Pick up a razor bland and gentle rub the sweeter with the razor to take off the fuzz. Don’t forget that razor can be dangerous or tear up the clothing. Be careful when doing this clean up.

Smelling Shoes

Smelling shoes can be menace in the house. However, you don’t need to throw them away. With baking soda, the trick is done. Wrap the baking soda in a piece of cloth and insert inside the shoes, and allow till money to remove. There are exemptions to this; suede and leather shoes are not suitable for this hack.

Jewelry Knots

When you experience jewelry knots, it can be time consuming and stressful. Pick a plastic drinking straw and unclasp your  jewelry on your neck. The next thing to do is to thread the jewelry through the plastic straw. Reclasp the jewelry.

three ankara styles

Gum on the Clothes

Gum on our clothing can be painful especially our expensive clothes. Don’t panic! Pick an ice cube and cool the chew gum. It flicks off when you  use a knife in removing it.  the reason for this trick is that the gum responded to the changes in the temperature.

Dirty Silver Jewelry

Clean that dirty silver jewelry with ketchup. You will thank us later if you every try this hack.

Makeup Transfers on Hat

If you love hats, your makeup may ruin the beauty especially from the forehead. To curb this menace, bring an adhesive padding and paste the adhesive on the hat’s backline.

flowing ankara

Moving Bra

To stop your bra from moving around under a tank top, double sided tapping of the bra strap with a scotch tape would do the magic. You can equally tap on the side of the breasts if it is wide for you.