Weird Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Everyone wish to know every fashion hack that could handle all clothing problems. If you ever type fashion hack on the internet, hundreds of websites would waylay you with information. Some of us may end up confused with the number of hacks that are available for us to memorize.  Yet, some of these hacks can be weird or crazy!

We have listed some weird fashion hacks you may want to know:

Hide bra straps with a paper clip

An open shoulder outfit can be worn without a strapless bra.  Pick a paper click and insert each strap into one end of it.  Your bra ends up a racerback without spending a dime.

Mask the showing underwear

When an underwear shows in public it can be embarrassment especially the panty lines.  A shape wear can solve this problem. Also, there are strapless panties for you to use too.

Avoiding sweater fuzz balls

You can transform your old sweater into a new one by gently rubbing the sweater with a razor blade (the type we use for our facial hair) and take off the fuzz.

Baking soda in running shoes

Do you have a smelling shoe? Hey guys, are you afraid of pulling off your shoes in public because of shoe odour? Baking soda can do the magic for you. Wrap the soda in a piece of cloth and leave it inside your shoes till morning. Also, the baking soda can be sprinkled inside the shoes. However, don’t put baking soda in suede or leather shoes, it will make them appear brittle.

A plastic drinking straw to avoid jewelry knots.

Necklaces can be wonderful until you get them tangled. The stress and time waste it will give you to untangle it is nightmare. To avoid this process, you should get a plastic drinking straw and unclasp the jewelry. The jewelry should be threaded through the straw before reclasping it.