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Weird BUT Fascinating Customs And Traditions You Didn’t Know Existed in Africa

There is another aspect of Africa that may be clouded by the stunning landscapes, mesmerizing natural backdrops, and beautiful destinations. We are talking about custom and tradition that has a strong root and influence on the people. Some of these cultures are weird and unbelievable that you may have to experience it before you can even believe that they exist on earth.

We have visited some African countries that will leave you shocked and screaming.

Massai Tribe, Kenya:

The Massai tribe has two blended cultures from Tanzania and Kenya. You may be surprised that spitting is a sign of greeting. When a new baby is born, it is customary that the men spit on the baby, and the baby is cursed. It is believed that if a baby is blessed or praised, that baby will be cursed.  The Massai warriors can only spit in their hands before they can shake an elder.

Hamer Tribe, Ethiopia:

To prove your manhood as a young boy in the Hamer tribe, it is expected that you jump and land on the back of a bull, then you are expected to run across the backs of many bulls without your clothes no. Before this is done, female friends of the boys will cover their bodies with red ochre that is mixed with fats. After dancing, these boys are flogged by the elders until they have wounds or scars that remind them of loyalty.

Banyankole Tribe, Uganda

There is a minority tribe in Uganda, the Banyankole tribe where marriage only means that the bride’s aunty will have to sleep with the groom. This is a potency test and often may have to watch or listen to groom sleep the first time.

Surma Tribe, Sudan and Ethiopia:

The Surma tribe has a strange habit of allowing their females undergo lip stretching, where the lower teeth is removed to accommodate a lip plating. Also, for the men, they can expand their ears and elongate their lips to make them fearful.

Wodaabe Tribe,  Niger:

Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen

A small Fulani tribe, the Wodaabe found in northeastern Cameroon, northern Nigeria, western part off Central African Republic and southwestern Chad has a festival called the Gerewol Festival. During the festival, the tribe dance at night and the men go to other tribes to steal women. It doesn’t matter if the woman is married, but if the woman refuses or the man trying to steal is caught by the husband.

Chewa Tribe, Malawi:

The Chewa tribe are known for their secret cults-Nyau and masks. They are legendary for their disturbing and interesting ritual, where the body of a deceased is moved to a sacred and secret place, where the throat is cut open. Water is opened inside and squeezed through the decreased stomach until water is out of the body. The water is used in cooking meal for the tribe.