Weekend Getaway Trip Ideas For Anyone Coming to Ghana

The workloads on our office table waiting for us to work on them, the quest to make money, running around to ensure the kids are taken care of and barely having time to relax comes to an end on Friday evenings.  Most families desire to spend quality time together while the singles are looking for places to visit in Ghana during the weekends. A weekend getaway can help you unwind and get rejuvenated.

You can make memories that will take you through the next week when you take a little vacation. Here are ten-weekend getaway trip ideas you can use in Ghana.

Come to Ada

Ada is a tourist haven with its waterfronts and amazing beaches, perfect for a weekend getaway with luxury apartments and hotels. The town is in the Eastern Region of Ghana, packed with rich culture and activities.  You may stumble upon the Asafotufiami festival and had fun while there are beautiful places for you and the kids to visit.

Visit the City of Light, Akosombo

Akosombo is the city of light, housing the major source of power in Ghana, the Akosombo Dam.  The town is a tourist attraction destination for people who want to have a fun-filled weekend. Romance is rekindled, bonds are solidified, and friendship is ignited in Akosombo.

A Visit to the Volta Lake

Water activities are what makes Volta Lake a must visit weekend getaway spot in Ghana. There are ferries to take you on a water journey, and scenery to take pictures. You can decide to go fishing or swim in the lake to be refreshed after a tireless week.

Take Your Weekend to Elmina

A perfect place to have your weekend getaway trip is Elimina.  The St George’s Castle awaits your arrival to tell you the many stories surrounding it like the trans-Atlantic slave events. Though, the castle was not built for the slave trade because it was a trading post for wares and gold by the Portuguese.  Indigenous music, dance, and food are not in lack here.

Bond and Get Rehabilitated at Paga

See crocodiles at this beautiful weekend getaway for couples and families. Paga is a perfect place for rehabilitation and bonding. The stories of the bond between the friendly crocodiles and the people of Paga will be told if you care to listen. There is so much to do over the weekend at Paga.

Find Peacefulness at Obuasi

After your workdays, the last thing you may want is busyness or a noisy environment, the peaceful and quietness of Obuasi Town will endear you to it. There are places to hang out with friends and have an amazing weekend.  Mining of gold is what makes Obuasi famous in Ghana.

Enjoy the Views in the Akuapim Range

A spectacular weekend getaway can be achieved at the Akuapim Range, where the lights from the capital city of Accra dots the night below.  There is a cocoa farm and the Aburi Botanical Gardens to explore when you visit. Experience a private hosting by the elders in the village that is accompanied by drumming and dancing.

Explore the Home Compound

The Home Compound may not be a tourist area, but it can give you something exotic. Imagine experiencing where the city meets the forest. The urban village is one of the rare places you can visit in Ghana and have that homely reception that only an African village can offer.

Relax at the Legacy Tribe Resort

A beachfront resort with lush garden and beautiful environment for nature lovers is what Legacy Tribe Resort offers its guest. You are not cut off from the world because there is still a free WiFi to post the pictures of your weekend getaway trip.  The relaxing atmosphere and trees give the resort a romantic touch.

Feel Cosy at the Axim Beach Resort and Hotel

Axim Beach Resort and Hotel is located in the western part of Ghana, a beachfront resort with a panoramic view of the water. What can be intriguing than spending a weekend at a native hut-like room with thatched roof fitted with modern amenities? This is what this resort offers you over the weekend.