Ways You Can Stretch Your Natural Hair Without Using Heat | The Outcome Is Mindblowing!

If you are a naturalista, you will not want to damage your hair. Applying heat on our hairs can be challenging atimes, especially when we end up using the wrong temperature.  Maybe, you have your story about the disadvantages or sorry-story of your hair and heat application.

To avoid excessive damage on your hair, we have discovered a means of going natural while stretching your hair without the use of heat. We bet you are going to love stretching your hair without going through any form of heat equipment or tool?

Thank goodness, if you have a natural hair like mine. We just don’t want any damage no matter how small to come to our hairs.  There is a natural method you can learn from us in this video. It is called the African threading method!

What doesn’t that mean? African threading method has to deal with something you may not believe. The African threads you can use is what is called ‘kiko’ in Yoruba. For those from the western part of Nigeria, some of you may not have known that it is a perfect way of stretching your natural hair with heat.

See the video below.