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Ways To Stay Safe While Travelling Across Africa

You have planned your itinerary, booked your ticket and picked that exotic destination for an epic adventure in Africa, soon the journey will begin. From the rich cultural history and amazing natural environment, Africa still has daunting places just like other parts of the world. Despite the reputation of Africa not been a very safe continent, we have to confess that danger lurks even in the developed countries. With the inequality and disparities between social groups and the bridge between the rich and poor, crime has remained pronounced in Africa.  We have listed some ways you can stay safe while traveling across Africa.

Have A Perfect Itinerary Planning

You should familiarize yourself with every detail of your traveling and have the necessary contacts handy for your journey. You should ask questions about what to do when you miss your flight, experience stolen luggage or have issues with the local police. Africa is vast with distinct cultures, languages, and landscapes; make sure you know everything about the city you are visiting.

Connect With Loved Ones

You may not be the type who enjoy posting your affairs on the social media. However, if you are trying to stay safe while traveling, social media may play a major part to your advantage.  With the geotags in images and posts, you can always have your movements tracked by your friends and loved ones.

Stay Away From Crime Hotspot

A little homework will reveal some of the crime hotspots that you should avoid in your designated destination. If you are a tourist, you may have to be careful of moving around secluded or crime spots to avoid being kidnapped or robbed.

Avoid Flashing Your Expensive Items

Avoid moving around with valuables that can attract people to you. Your credit card should be guarded and not revealed carelessly.  Stay away from flashy items or jewelry that the locals may want to lay their hands upon.

Obey the Local Law

The law enforcement agencies in Africa can be dramatic often, and the only way to avoid running into trouble is by obeying the law. What this simply means is that you have to be familiar with the laws that guide a particular destination.

Learn to Dress Modestly

Africa is not the Western world where you can act the way you want when it comes to modesty.  Scanty dressing for women is a no go area in most places.  The locals can pick on you if you cannot dress modestly.  Even overdressing can bring unnecessary attention to you, which may not be one of your reasons for traveling across Africa.

Eat Well, Not Everything

The dishes in Africa are irresistible! You may not be able to resist most of the meals prepared for you, but it is not every meal that is safe for you. You may suffer stomach upset or food poisoning if you do not eat at the right place or rightly.

The Night

Most places in Africa lit magically in the night with fun and activities that will catch your attention. If you are a tourist, mind some lonely places or unsafe clubs or bars that may get you into trouble.  You should be mindful of the environment you find yourself in the night. Do not move out without letting people know the exact place you want to visit.