Ways to Boast Your African Business in Exhibition Shows

In our ever evolving business world where ecommerce business owners in Africa have become kings in their various niches, exhibition shows still attract them to take advantage of the marketing opportunities to sell their products or brands.  Exhibition shows provide opportunity to connect, meet and communicate better with customers and prospects. This is what ecommerce may not be able to do for business owners.

As a business owner, you can see exhibition shows as a huge investment, especially if you are a small business owner or just starting a business. These shows may be short term but it has a long term benefit when you win the trust of your customers and generate revenue.

You can enjoy the immense benefits from exhibition shows if you can pick the right one for your business. A little research can help choose an exhibition that will suit your marketing objectives to meet your target audience. We have highlighted five ways your business can be grown from exhibition shows.


  1. Establish relationships

Conferences, trade shows and exhibitions are the right platform where you can meet the right people in your business- giving the chance of you meeting face to face with customers and prospects. You can talk to a lot of people within a short time, share your business ideas and win the trust of customers. Do not forget to come along with your business card because it will play a major role in your business after the show.

The exhibition shows can also be used as a real research session where you can talk to people about their opinions on your products, brand, marketing material and sales pitch. All this you can do on your exhibition stand.  You will gain much establishing relationships through your face to face business marketing.

  1. Exhibition planning

It is impossible to make a significant impact during an exhibition show if you do not plan.  From your exhibition stand to your booth design, it is important that you pay attention to ensure that you are rightly positioned.  To maximize your opportunities and give you value for the money you spent, you need to prepare well before showcasing your products or brand during an exhibition.  Read the exhibitor’s manual when you get it and make sure that electricity and other necessary amenities that you may need.

  1. Marketing Your Messages


It is imperative that you prepare the marketing messages that you will use before the exhibition. Your marketing message should be boldly spread across your business literature, press materials and exhibition stand. This is what will ensure that your prospects and customers read and understand what you are offering them. If you do not have an ‘Elevator Pitch’, you need one to tell your customers and prospect everything about your business in seconds. The pitch is your selling point and should be short.

  1. Maximize your Presence

Your presence at the exhibition should be fully maximized when you combine it with excellent marketing strategies. You should learn to make use of e-newsletters, public relationship, direct mail and the social media to create awareness for your stand during the exhibition. Learn to take advantage of the exhibition website and mingle with the media partners. Connect with the media partners to showcase your brand or products.


  1. Publish-event Follow-ups

The exhibition does not end when you leave the venue. At the end of the event begins the real work. You should follow up with the leads you must have generated and get back to the people you have connected with during the exhibition. Even if you do not have a lot of leads, you can meet the exhibition owner who may have data scanners. The data from the exhibition can be used to your advantage in pushing your market forward.


Staying in touch at the end of an exhibition is one way you can promote your business. There is a huge chance of you converting the leads you got from an exhibition into sales. You can do this when you send personal emails, call them and share information with them through their various social media platforms.

Gone are the days when we leave every business to be handled online only. Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences have become another way you can boast your business. The cost of getting an exhibition stand may not be expensive compared to what you will gain at the end of day. A lot of business owners are currently using exhibition shows to move their businesses to the next level.