Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Africans’ Lifestyle

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually familiarizing itself among Africans. There was a time AI was strange and fictitious to us but not any longer. Robots are here with us doing one project or the other in some high tech industries in the continent.  AI has made it possible for us to use streaming services like Spotify and Netflix. We cannot forgot the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

We have listed more ways we can benefit by AI as Africans:

Driveless Cars

Self driving cars are no longer stories we hear. We have seen many self driving vehicles make their entrance in Africa. These cars will reduce car accidents and make our roads safer.

Handling Dangerous Tasks

There are tasks that are too dangerous for us to undertake. With AI robots, some of these works can be carried out and save lives.  It will give Africans an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with these robots in achieving a common cause.


Have you heard of personalized medicine? Smart medical procedures insert sensors into the skin and monitor the body parameters like the blood sugar.  The insertions come as tattoo.

Elder Care Program

AI robots can help the elderly become independent by offering them reminders of their medications, physical and mental activities and provide a wellness monitoring environment.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Even though Alexa and Siri are doing this for us, AI is making our works smarter and better.  Newer products are coming to Africa and our lives can only be better.


Education can become better with the aid of AI. There are a lot of things that AI can do for us like grading marks, tutoring students and improving courses.