Ways Africans can Analyze Crypto Token Before Investing in It

Cryptocurrency has found its way in the financial sector of almost all countries in the world. The profit it made for the early investors into the market and the continued potential it keeps showing makes a lot of people interested in this virtual money.  Do you have the money or courage to try your hands on this type of investment?

Every day we hear about how people become instant millionaires because they invested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Even Africans are not lagging behind in this investment.  If you are thinking of endless opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies, we have some tips for you.

To help you make a safe choice, you may want to learn how to be a good investor. You should know that Bitcoin. Ethereum, Monera and blockchain are not the only cryptocurrencies in the world. We have over 4000 cryptocurrencies on the market today.

Unfortunately, scammers have found their niche in this field too. They have created fake tokens to steal people’s money. Here are some smart ways to analyze a crypto token before you invest in it:

You Should Scrutinize the Token’s Whitepaper

The token’s whitepaper will help you decide if the crypto is a realistic one or not.  When you find realistic goals, make sure that they were not taken from another project’s whitepaper.

Evaluate the Team Behind the Project

When you get a good knowledge of the offering of the project, assess the team behind that project. If they are not reputable when it comes to blockchain, back off.  You should invest on projects run by people who know the business and have some reputation.

Crosscheck the Project on Social Media

One of the surefire ways to assess an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is to look at the token’s community on any social media platform. Find out what people are saying about the project.

Ascertain Legality Issues

Now that you are ready to invest on a token’s ICO, you should ascertain the legality issues of such project before investing. Read legal documents or speak to a qualified attorney on the implications of investing in any cryptocurrency.

Find Trusted People

In truth, you may not have time to scrutinize the token you want to invest in as there are a lot of possible currencies that can be invested in, and have to depend on trusted people to make your decision.  You should follow those who are experienced and trusted. They will tell you what you need to know about your intended project.

Keep Abreast

You should not be left in the dark about what is happening to the token you want to invest in. Join talk forums and other communities where people talk about crypto tokens to help you make your choice.


If there is something you should not toy with when investing in a token, it is time.  Timing is the perfect partner in a crypto token investment. You should know when it is the right time to invest in any cryptocurrency as a wrong timing would ruin all your investments.

While many countries in Africa have challenges with their financial sectors, cryptocurrency may be their hope. Unfortunately, this currency is extremely volatile and not stable.  Does it mean that there is no future in it?

We didn’t say that. You can make your millions if you know your way through this investment. Before you invest, make your research, and learn from others. That is one surefire of not losing your money to scammers or a bad token.