Ways African in Diaspora Can Help Increase Africa’s Prosperity

Having witnessed tremendous development all over the world that has been aided by Africans, it is not wrong to say that Africans in the Diaspora can make it happen in Africa.  Across the globe we have close to 170 million Africans evenly distributed and that number increases yearly.  There were reasons why these people left Africa; education, politics, business and many more.

How can these people change Africa ‘s prosperity? There are many ways they can help Africa without necessary breaking the bank. It is true that Africa needs money to survive, however, it can get better when ideas and innovations are birthed for Africans.

Changing the Mindset

They are to eliminate the traditional belief that Africa cannot be changed with innovation.  If they can change their mindset about Africa, it is easy to bring home innovation and business ideas that can improve their native countries.

Act as Brand Ambassador

Successful Africans living abroad can be used as brand ambassadors. This will help in creating awareness in different businesses and innovations to Africans. It’s unbelievable that some people still see the bad aspect of Africans; as a result of this, most entrepreneurs’ are not aware of the current improvement happening in Africa.

Motivate the Continent By Bring Businesses Home

Africans dispersed across the globe can bring a current view of a transformed Africa by inspiring the economy through business launch and also, bringing home foreign investors who can help in changing Africa.

Improve the International Trade Policy

They can help by  improving the international trade policy through their connections and influences. They can play a vital role in transforming commerce and establishment laws, making them important in their country of residence. This can happen when they carry out researches in their various countries.

For instance in USA, the African Growth Opportunity Act and the US African trade law can help in restoration. It depends on the US parliament to vote for it to be rebranded.

Improve the Leadership Structure

These men and women can improve African leadership to support in sustaining  the national  economy. Leadership is one of the problems in Africa. If the leadership structure can be improved, a lot of gaps and challenges in businesses around the continent can be taken care of. Trust can be restored and people can easily come to Africa and invest.

Inspire Technical Support for SME

The small business owners are often at the end of the bridge when it comes to making a change. If the people in the Diaspora can work out a plan that will support some of these small business owners through loan schemes and trainings, it will be easier to inspire others to come up with their business ideas.

In the past, the Africa-America institute and other  leading companies took gifted Africans to the US to acquire higher educational qualifications. When they graduated, they come home and bring improvement to their people.