Why The V Neck Has Come To Dominate The Scene

Ladies have gradually stolen the men’s V neck clothes. There was a time it was only the guys that were showing off with their V neck attires. Today, we have started using it effortlessly to change the fashion world.

It could be quite surprising to realise that even the style of our neckline is part of fashion. Although for quite a while now,crew necks have been the most used and V-necks have been considered bad based on their depths and are usually used considered to be for a specific class.

However, the desire for a unisex fashion trends characterized by unpretentious, and normal looking clothing is usually reflected with the V- necks. Once upon a time, the rule of V-necks was that they were bad. The new rule now is that there are no rules. V-necks are not just for particular sets of people like golfers, etc. The V-necks has successfully won a fashion victory, thereby creating the opportunity for everyone to wear them without bounds.

Suit Up

V-necks could come in various colour of shades but remember to keep things basic and let your neckline do the lifting.

The Time Machine

You could pair two trending necklines in season— the roll neck popped from beneath a V. This is an easy way to rock a fashion style far beyond the present ones.

Texture Mixing

You could also consider wearing a V-neck with a leather bike jacket— texture mixing. The leather bike jacket toughens up the V- neck and makes it look awesome.

The Cricket Sweater

The cricket sweater should be worn with a perfectly tailored jeans or trousers and an overcoat with or without anything beneath.

With Bare Skin

When rocking a V-neck with bare skin, use muted shades and fine fabrics like cashmere, merino or wool-silk blends. This keeps you in the fine line between classy lady and a lecherous one.

Hey ladies, there is much we can do with the V-neck. If you are not one of those who are afraid of experimenting, then you can really get yourself a signature with this.  Actually, you can make the V-neck offices wear if you can wear it creatively.


Just make sure not to wink at anyone. They will surely watch you walk around and will always go for the V-neck after they must have seen you wear your v-neck