Unusual African Delicacies Only the Brave can Eat

We are richly blessed with sumptuous and nutritional foods in Africa. Each part of the continent provide enough evidence that prove that their foods are the best because of their tastes and how they are prepared. Most tourists visiting Africa do not miss the local meals. While we have amazing and usual foods not too far-fetched from what most people are used to, we still have unusual meals.

If you think you are a foodie, we have some of Africa’s unusual delicacies that might crash your zeal for food. If you are brave enough to eat anything, we got some special meals for you. Here are some of the unusual meals you can try:

Mopane Worm : Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe

The Mopane Worm is tasty and nutritious. The worms are not served in many places, but few spots that the locals flock to. These worms are a staple food in many parts of Africa. They are plucked from bushes and trees before they are prepared with tomatoes and garlic. The guts are squeezed out before they are fried.

Tera Sega (raw meat) – Ethiopia

Ethiopia holds you to a food contest with its Tera Sega.   The locals called the fish Koro, which they prepare in different ways. The popular way of eating it is by having raw beef marinated in species or raw beef rolled in butter and spicy chili powder.

Ackee plant  – West Africa

A visit to West Africa awaits you with a taste of the Ackee fruit. You eat it in place of an egg during breakfast and can be prepared with fried tomatoes and onions. The Ackee fruit can be called the ‘Vegetable Brain’, because it looks like the grey matter in a  human skull. Do not taste the immature Ackee fruit because it can be toxic.

Giant bullfrog – Namibia

Do you see yourself tasting the giant bullfrog? While the French people go for the lower part of the frog, the Namibians eat everything. You must eat a well-prepared bullfrog to avoid suffering from kidney failure due to poison in the frog.

Chitoum – Ivory Coast

For those who cannot touch the Mopane worms with a six feet stick, they will not want to try this beetle called Chitoum. The dark-coloured bug can be taken as a crunchy snack.

Blood – Tanzania and Kenya

The meal of blood is popular in Tanzania and Kenya and can be referred to as the fabled ambrosia of the locals. You can nick the cow’s jugular and get blood inside your day pot of calabash. The blood is mixed with milk and can be taken by sick people.

Grasshoppers – Uganda

Insects called Nsenene in Uganda are traditionally fried or roasted before being spiced. You can join the locals to hunt for these grasshoppers, before preparing them.

Which of these meals do you think you can eat? Have you tasted any of these meals? Share your experience in the comment box.