Untapped Business Opportunities in Oil Palm Plantation

As our population grows in Africa so do our economic growth increases.  While we have many sources to tap into the accelerating human growth, there are untapped gold in many businesses that we should look at. Today, we are talking about the oil palm business.  The demand to buy palm oil has increased over the years because of their numerous benefits.  Though, we have hundreds of oil palm plantation in Africa, we are still in lack to meet the demand of consumers and buyers.

The business of oil palm has many diverse applications in our world and opportunities are numerous for entrepreneurs.  We have listed some of the features that make oil palm business one of the most lucrative businesses in the continent.

These features include:

The Hot Weather

Africa has an all-year-round hot weather that is favourable to oil palms. Hot temperatures ensure that many leaves are produced by an oil palm. This leads to a bountiful harvest of fruits. Also, the high temperature fights off diseases from the cash crop.

The Sun

Oil palms require enough sunlight to grow. Thanks to the all year round sunlight that allows the palm to produce great and well-ripened fruits. The fruits contain a lot of oil.

The Rain

With the abundant rainfall in many parts of Africa, oil palm tends to do well.

The Soil

The permeable, flat, deep and red soil is important for oil palm.  The palm tree requires mineral salts and water in the soil for it to do well.  The harvest may be poor of the soil is not able to give out these nutrients to the palm tree.  Fertilizer can be used to supplement these palms if the area is not rich in good soil. The soil must be preambles and contains rich nutrients that the palm requires to do well.