Unsexy Investments You Can Start in Africa

Many of us are looking out for businesses that are safe, neat and clean especially for the ladies.  It may interest you to know that the riskier, messy and dirty businesses in Africa are the profitable ventures too.  We have listed some of these investments for you;


There is no part of Africa where farming is not considered an important venture. Gone are the days when we think that farming is not a great investment. Yes, we know that it can be dirty but it is one business that will fetch you enough money.

There are different things you can do as a farmer in Africa, pig farming, maggot rearing, snail farming, fish farming and lots more.

School Business

Africans are ready to be educated. With the thousands of schools here and there, it does not mean that the population has gotten facility to accommodate everyone. If you can start a school business, you are in for a great venture.  You can start your venture with a daycare or even a kindergarten project.

What you need to do is to create a concept that will attract parents and the rest is left for you to deliver good educational practice.

Recycling/waste management

Garbage is a big problem in Africa. Even the most advanced cities still suffer from garbage collection challenges. With the number of people and businesses rising in the continent, it is important that you key into the business of reducing garbage. Get a waste or recycling management firm if you want to enjoy unlimited wealth creation.

Human hair wigs and extensions

Women are fond of hair wigs and extensions. We have seen many celebrities investing heavily on this niche. You can make a lot of money when you get the best wigs and extensions. Africa is a good ground for those who want to make an investment in this niche.

Funeral home

Running a funeral home may sound frightening or morbid. However, this has not taken away the smell of money away from it. It is one business many people run away from and leave a few to enjoy wealth untold. If you are an African, you will surely know that this business is not for the faint-hearted.  Even if you are from another continent, the story of morbid has never been an easy one. However, the beauty of this business is when you take away the fear and start it.