University of Edinburgh Scholarships in Ophthalmology 2019 for Students

In developing countries, there is a need to support millions of students with grants and scholarship. The University of Edinburgh has an opening for students who are interested in ophthalmology.  The course is an online distance learning program for Masters’ students in Africa, Central and Latin America, Pacific Islands, South Asia and Caribbean Islands. The online course runs for two years.

The part-time online scholarship is for ChM (Master of Surgery) in Clinical Ophthalmology and opens for the academic session 2019/20.

Deadline: 29th July 2019, before 23:59 BST

Eligible Countries: Every Developing Country

Course: Online

Course Type: Masters

Duration of Award: 2 years

Those Eligible For It:

  • The University of Edinburgh scholarships is for students who are accepted in the online distance learning Master of Surgery (ChM) in Clinical Ophthalmology. The course is one of the Edinburgh Surgery Online suite of Masters programmes.
  • Applicants are advanced trainee ophthalmologists must have a place at the university and willingness to take up the course.
  • There is consideration for students from ophthalmologists in independent practice.
  • Applicants have to be nationals of a developing country and should be resident of the countries in Award Webpage.

Criteria For Selection:

  1. Applicants are selected based on their personal statements that talked about their country, local and national development plans in ophthalmology and academic merit. The way the scholarship is used to support the ophthalmology services in their countries is considered.
  2. Successful applicants are expected to support their ophthalmology services in their countries after completion of their course. They are expected to develop and enhance the services with support from The University of Edinburgh.
  3. Value of Scholarship: The scholarship takes care of the students’ tuition fee for the entire programme of study. The scholarship offers a laptop and internet service for two academic years. It is subject to academic progress.

How to Apply:

Students are expected to fill an online EUCLID application for the ChM (Master of Surgery) in Clinical Ophthalmology. The instructions on the application process are on the University’s degree finder page.

Students eligible to join the course get a conditional or unconditional offer. The students  must accept prior to applying for a scholarship at: Students must write  ‘Application for Scholarship’ in the subject line of their email.

The following is required:

A copy of a CV

A letter of support for the scholarship application from the students’ Ophthalmology Educational / Training Programme Supervisor or Director

Do you reside in and are you a national of one of the LMIC countries listed above?  (Yes/No)  Please state which one(s).

 Include a personal statement (maximum 500 words) in which you describe the following:

  • your reason for applying for the Masters programme
  • how undertaking this course of study will benefit your career, and
  • how you envisage this course enhancing your working practices to transform ophthalmology services in your country to improve eyecare.

Students take an IELTS exam after a successful application and they are expected to complete their EUCLID application for admission to the ChM in Clinical Ophthalmology.  The University of Edinburgh takes care of the bills.

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