How Uneducated And Neglected Girls Are Impoverishing Africa: The Untold Story

The ultra-scan lied! The man couldn’t believe his eyes that they were all girls. The birth of these triplets was a celebration to the whole street. However, we were in for a drama when the man kicked in with some crazy characters. He was never happy! The wife who escaped death by whisk during these beautiful girls delivery was in tears. She has disappointed him.

Millions of girls are not in school in different parts of Africa because they are considered the  non-privilege. The absence of a male child in some families has destroyed homes, crippled relationships and rendered dreams useless.  Most African men are of the opinion that it is not a wise investment educating girls.

“To educate girls is to reduce poverty,” says Kofi Annan. But what do you think? How much does it cost to educate a girl child? What are the benefits? According to ONE, an global campaigning and advocacy organization: African countries are losing billions of dollars for not addressing the gender gap in education. It also   launched a report titled: ‘The Toughest Places for a Girl to Get an Education’.

Africa is the key to improving better lifestyle and financial status around the world.  If girls’ educations can be greatly improved globally, the world would be a better place in the future.

To deny African women education is to deprive countries of talent and labour.  Surprisingly, women are the bridge to the wealth of Africa. It doesn’t matter how we argue about this.  Currently, we are suffering from an educational crisis. If we do not tackle girl education, the aftermath may kill everyone. The challenge is that it is not everyone that is treating this as  a deadly epidemic that it has become.

It is a dancing in a fool’s paradise if you leave most of promising girls out of education and believe that we are aiming for a brighter future. We have not done much good to the women in our continent. In politics, they are kissing the dust and some tribes would not let them move past the level family roles.

The economic usefulness of girls as opposed to boys should be addressed.  In many homes, it is the girls who are sent to sell wares, serve as maids and even used in exchanged of debts.  We cannot get it right if the women are treated unfairly.

The message should be taken to the religious places, schools and markets if we are going to help the African girl. No matter how much we pump into the economy of countries, things may not fall into place.  The average African must be told that girls are not fit only as wives. They can be the agent of change we are looking for in the different facets of the economy.

Back to our story, the man whose triplets are girls decided to trade two of his girls for boys. How could he think of doing this to these lovely angels? The craze for male children is out of hands in Africa, if care is not taken we are going to lose more girls to prostitution, abusive men and negligence death.