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Undiscovered Jewels To See in Africa Apart From Safaris

Forget about the fables that Africa is all about the safaris. We do have stunning safaris that will bring that will bring you very close to wildlife, and transform your travel imaginations to reality.  Kenya is one of those places that you would love to visit because of the safari, but Africa is more than her legendary safaris. There are more things to see than the plant, fish, bird and wildlife.

There are undiscovered jewels that you may never believe are on earth, but seen in Africa:

Ihla, The Island of Mozambique

Mozambique may not be as beautiful as South Africa or Morocco, but it has something that attracts people to it; the Island of Mozambique, Ihla that has a crystal clear water, coral reefs and white coral sands that covers the Indian ocean. The sight is breathtaking and extraordinary.

Aswan City and Nile River, Egypt

Egypt has never stopped amazing us with her sites of attractions.  Aswan City is one place to start your vacation or expedition if you want to conquer the longest river on earth. The Nile will surely throw her magic and mysticism when you are moving from the city to discover her.

Umm al-Maa, Libya

We love Umm al-Maa in Libya.  We have seen oasis but this lake oasis is argued to be the most beautiful. The oasis is tucked away in the Idehan Ubari Sand Sea in Libra Sahara desert.  Sure, you cannot miss it when you at the desert. Only a few come here and want to leave because of the fun and activities it presents.

Valley of the Moon, Angola

Some people called the Valley of the Moon, the Miradouro da Lua or the Watchpoint. The valley is a great landscape whose rock formation is made of flaming red hue. Angola is the proud owner of this landmark.

Aït Ben Haddou, Morocco

Our list may not be complete without Ait Ben Haddou. Morocco houses some of the exotic locations on earth, and this place is among them. It is not every tourist who knows that there is an exciting place like Ait Ben Haddou. The site is situated right at the edge of the Atlas Mountains. The numerous traditional mud brick buildings make it spectacular and we have seen a lot of movies come out of this destination. Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator was created here.

These destinations are not overpopulated, which would leave you to enjoy the serenity of the place.