Unbelievable Traditions You Can Only Witness Among the Zulu People

The Zulu people are from the Bantu ethnic group in South Africa, who dwell in KwaZulu-Natal. Some of these people live in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania. The culture of the people is rich and colourful.  When you watch them dance, you cannot help but dance along and when they sing, you are mesmerized.  However, the Zulu people have some weird cultures you may want to know.

The Isivivane

When you visit KwaZulu-Natal, you may come across large piles of stones at some places. These stones are used in paying respect to the spirits. The culture ensures that the local spirits complete their journey successfully.


The Zulus are scared of lightning. If an animal or tree is unlucky to strike by lightning, it is considered the wishes of the spirits.  During the summer months, this is when the people experience more of this natural phenomenon. If a person  is killed by lightning, there would be no burial with a ceremony.  The Zulu people protect themselves and cattle with herms against lightning.


A person referred to as tokoloshe is like a zombie and believed to have to been created by wizards. These mystical beings are believed to be horror and the people raise their beds to avoid them and would not answer a late night knock on their doors.

If you think you have heard it all about the Zulu people, we have one last shocker for you.  A Sangoma is a traditional healer who resides with the people. This person predicts the future but he does it in a weird way. He makes use of a puff adder as an instrument in telling what would happen in the future.  He places this snake close to the mouth of a sick person when he wants to heal.

What do you think of this people?