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UNBELIEVABLE Things To Expect in Africa in 2018: The Beginning is Just Beginning


Africa can hit its chest and say that it did well in 2017. There was the ousting of the Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe, a story that sent ripples around the world. Who didn’t the news?  Most of the big stories came out of the blue, like the troubled election in Kenya and many tragedies.

2018 is here and there are things we are anticipating; business trends elections, mega projects and also no end in sight for many long running conflicts and unrest around the continent.

Infrastructure projects

 Nigeria is moving on the fast lane as its Abuja Light Rail network is almost becoming an answer to its road problems. The launch of the Abuja Light Rail network, which President Muhammadu Buhari declared “98% complete,”  will cover 12 stations over a 28-mile route.

Ethiopia is on its  first phase of the expansion of its Ethiopia’s Ababa Bole International Airport and this  $350 million development is designed to cement the nation’s position as an aviation hub for East Africa.

The largest power plant in Uganda will be open and it is one of the largest hydropower facilities in Africa.  Also, in Karuma. Tunisia is trying to build the  world’s largest solar power plant.

Finally Egypt is working on a new capital city that will become a tourist haven , although there are doubts over whether the $45 billion megaproject will be a reality.


 Thanks to the military for bringing down  the long reign of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe is to vote for a new president in 2018. The question remains, can Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa to usher in a more democratic era?

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is seeking for a reelection but his paths are mired in problems and difficulties. The President of Cameroon, 84 year old Paul Biya is now one of Africa’s longest serving leaders after 35 years in power. He may be contesting with soccer player Samuel Eto’o if he still wants to contest.

Sierra Leone is having  a new president as incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma is no longer eligible after two terms in power.


 The battle of the taxis will be fierce as Africab and Little  will compete with Uber, that is bringing its business to the sub-Saharan African markets including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Liberalization of gambling laws has strengthened  major economies such as Ghana and Kenya.

Governments and businesses will seek to take greater advantage of the “Blue Economy.” Thirty eight of 54 African states have a coastline but most are failing to cash in on their marine resources. The African Union (AU) and UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) have outlined plans to turn the tide such as through cultivating fisheries and eco-tourism.

War and peace

 Our prayers go to Somalia that has suffered the worst of conflict violence, according to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED).

The human slave market in Libya is yet to thrown off as fresh horrors are revealed by the victims.

Finally, it is a World Cup year. Nigerians are expecting much from its Super Eagles after years of disappointments.

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah filled Egypt to the World Cup. Egyptian hopes are high for their first World Cup since 1990