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Ultimate Bucket List to Make Your Visit to Africa GREAT

The dark continent as many called Africa has suddenly sprouted out to give the other continents a run for their tourist attractions. Africa is heavily endowed with mind-blowing landscapes and cities that would leave you breathless.

We at Momoafrica have complied an ultimate bucket list that you may never resist. If you are looking for adventure that is endless and fun that is mesmerizing during your vacation, take the next flight to Africa, we assure you there would not be any disappointment .

Skeleton Coast National Park

On the North-West side of Namibia lies the Skeleton Coast National Park, a remote area that is waiting for tourists to explore.  The park has scenic vistas and changing moods that would attract you as you move around the pristine desert area.

Kasanka Bat Safari

You can start counting the straw-coloured fruit bats in Kasanka Bat Safari, but you can never finish the count because over 10 million of these bats converge in the park once a year. The migration of these bats is one of the greatest migrations. At sunset, you witness a  sky that is covered with bats and this happens around late November and December.

Devils Pool, Victoria Falls

The infinity pool is found on the edge of Victoria Falls, but you must be on the Zambian area to see the Devils Pool.  You can come here during September to the end of January if you are to access the pool.  Can you dare look down from the pool? We must tell you that this spot is not for the faint hearted.

Mokoro The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an ultimate bucket desire you may have to fulfill in the local dugout makoro. You can glide quietly through the oasis as you explore the safari. You are close to the teeming birdlife and wildlife, and the living things that swim in the water are fascinating.

Gorilla Trekking

Have you seen gorillas in the wild?  Gorilla trekking can be done in Rwanda or Uganda. The experience is something you can only tell when you witness it.  You are not only looking out for the gorillas, but are keeping fit as you hack your way through the dense and steamy Africa jungle.

What did we miss? Have you been to any of these places we mentioned here? You can add to our bucket list by commenting below, and allow us see where else we need to visit this vacation.