Travel Tips

Travel Hacks That Make Your Trip Fun in Africa

Most of us love travelling and discovering new territories.  Whether you travel for leisure or business, you may need to know some travel hacks that are amazing.  Sometimes, travelling can become challenging when things go wrong along the way. To make travelling to Africa stress-free, here is a list of what you can do:

Use “Private Browsing” for cheaper flights

To get the best travel deal online, you should turn on your ‘private browsing,’ and find deals away from what the internet has prepared for you. The internet makes use of our browsing history, relatives, friends, and groups or communities we have a common association with two pull out a search for us.

The more you visit a site, the more you find a higher price. However, change the narrative when you make use of the “Private Browsing Mode’ to search for your travel deals.

Smartly pack your bag to save space and carry an extra bag

You should learn that when you pack smartly, it could be a life-saver. Learn to put things right in our bag to save you space. Convince yourself that you do not need to travel with everything. Quench the temptation of packing everything, while you need a few items in your journey.

Carry a portable charger

While the smartphone is our friend, it could end up becoming a nuisance if its power drains and you have no provision to charge it.  It could be a nightmare if you have no means of charging your phone when it is drained.  Learn to carry a power bank and a portable charger with you.

Have an email of the scan of your passport

You should have an email with the scan of your passport.  This could save you lots of trouble when you leave the hard copy behind. With the soft copy, you can help yourself out in some difficult situations, especially when you do not want to present your hard copy.

Move around with a dummy wallet

To confuse pickpockets, you should move around with your dummy wallet.  You can move around with money and put attention to your dummy wallet. This can save you from being robbed by pickpockets. While they may steal the dummy wallet, your money is safe with you.

Download Google Maps

Make sure you have Google Maps with you even when you are offline.  This can save you from getting lost, especially if you have no data connection.  The procedure to download Google Maps comes in a simple way. You go to the designated location you want to save. You should type  ‘ok map’ into the search option and press ‘Download’.

Wear compression socks

An ultimate lifesaver during long trips can come from wearing compression socks. This can help prevent swollen ankles and blood clots on a flight. These stockings are used to improve blood circulation and stop deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Mark your baggage as fragile

You can mark your bag with the  ‘fragile’ sticker at the counter to keep your belongings safe and to enable careful handling of your possessions especially if you have some valuables in them.


When traveling, these tips would definitely make your trip to the continent an enjoyable one.