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Travel Apps to Plan Your Trip to AFRICA

Technological advancement has made it easy to travel round the globe without stressing yourself.  With your travel apps you can move around the countries Africa without the help of a guide.  If you want to know the meaning of boredom, try visiting a country or city without your gadget.  Travelling has been amplified with loads of apps that you can download from Google Playstore or other platforms.

Some of these travel apps are free while others can be bought with your credit card. Here we go:


FlightTrack will help you track thousands of flights with your mobile phone. The availability of zoomable maps, information on flights movements and lots more can be gotten. The app can be gotten on Andriod, iPad , Windows Phone and iPhone. With FlightTrack, you can track the movement of your loved ones on transit. The detailed information that FightTrack offers you is amazing. You may not need to worry about the where-about of a any flight. You can sit back and allow your travel app do the worrying for you.


Africa can be funny when it comes to weather. You should get yourself equipped with WeatherPro, an intuitive app that is designed to give you reports on any weather condition around the world.  You can get other information like the speed of the wind, cloud formation, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

JetLag Genie

There is only one app that will help you know the distance of where you are heading to. JetLag Genie is built to make it easier for you to organize your travel dates, customize your body alarm in a way that your body will fit in and make your sleeping time perfect. You can find the app on iPhone. We are sure you would love this app.

XE Currency

XE Currency is for your money management. There is hardly a country in the world that doesn’t have its  currency on XE Currency has become one of the favourite apps that travellers can use in converting their currencies easily. You are going to love this app.


Sunscreen cannot be overlooked if you are coming to Africa. The tropical continent doesn’t spare you with its blazing sun. There is only one way to escape the UVI rating, make use of the sunscreen app and escape some places. Even if you are going to visit places that are extremely hot, you can move around with your lotion.