Traditional Sports You Can Play in Africa

Soccer has become one of the globally recognized games that we often failed to note that Africa has some traditional sports that are fascinating.  Some of these indigenous sports have experienced goodwill and patronage but are gradually being forgotten.  There are many games you can play in Africa but these traditional sports can be vintage. If you are lucky to find people playing them, you are definitely going to be drawn to them because they can be addictive.

Here are some of the sports you can play in Africa:

Donkey Racing

If you ever visit the Lamu’s island in Kenya, where you will not see cars, an annual donkey race is organized. You will see thousands of people who came to witness these donkeys that have been trained well race till finish.

Senegalese Wrestling

The Senegalese wrestling often referred to as ‘Laamb ,’ is an ancient game that is respected and highly regarded because of the bounty set.  Elite fighters can win up to $100,000 when they wrestle in a match. Laamb is a rival of football in the country.

Ta Kurt Om El Mahag

In the Libyan desert, a game called the Ta Kurt Om El Mahag that resembles baseball is played by the Berber tribes.  The game is as old as the Stone Age. If you are lucky, you can play this amazing game.

Nguni “stick fighting”

The Nguni herders of South Africa have a martial art game that is famous. It is a stick fight that is fierce and can last up to five hours. It is expected that every time the body is hit, the player gets a point. It is a dangerous game that can even result to death.  Even though, it has been banned in South Africa, you can still find people playing the game.

Dambe Boxing

In the Northern Nigeria, there is an ancient boxing where the arms of fighters have to be tied with ropes. The boxers play the game by kicking and throwing punches until  one of the players surrenders or drops to the ground.


We know that the rodeo show can be dangerous and exciting too. In Madagascar there is a game called Savika where angry bulls have to be ridden.  Players attempt to ride a Brahman cow that is released and the rider who spends more time on the cow is the winner.

These are few of the traditional sports you can play in Africa. What do you think of these games?