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Tourist Guide to Zanzibar

Have you heard of Zanzibar? The Indian Ocean surrounds this breathtaking island resort which has become a site for adventurous tourists. It is a bit off in distance from the coast of Tanzania. Imagine the fun to be unpeeled in the Zanzibar island resort, that would make tourists desperate to visit this delicately beautiful island.

This tourist site is better seen than imagined. The homely and welcoming atmosphere makes Zanzibar one of the most visited places by tourists from around the world.

One of the islands in Zanzibar is the Unguja and it is the main island in Zanzibar. The market where slaves were sold; Kelele Square, is a wonderful view  for viewers and it is located on this island. The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town and is also a sight to behold for tourists too.

Have you been to Unguja, which is the Zanzibar archipelago’s main island?  This is one perfect place to make your holiday and also, you can visit the Stone town which is the capital of this city.

The Omani place which one could possibly call an archive that was once demolished and restored is a place one should be in one’s lifetime.
Zanzibar has been designed to be a home away from home for tourists as there are luxurious hotels that did not forget to have a touch of homeliness despite its luxury.

Above all, the outstretch of the ocean glittering under the sun and displaying different colours in reflection to the rising, already risen, setting sun or the stars and the moon are some of the things that bring tourists to Zanzibar.

Have you not heard of the coral gardens of Kizimkazi? Head straight to the Pongwe Bay or Chumbe island and have a look for yourself.

There are other remote islands to look at for , you can swim as much as you want, take pictures of wonderful sights and never get bored because there are lots and lots of activities to be done.


We are not leaving the airport behind- the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, serves a lot of people going into the city and around it. There are cars too which are kept for rentals to the convenience of visitors in moving around the city.

As for the perfect time for the visit to Zanzibar Island Resort, anytime is good because activities are on all round the clock. Also, for dry season, from June to December is very ideal.