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Top SPOTS To View Football Matches in Lagos, Nigeria

You are not going to miss out if you are a football fan in Lagos. You may have enjoyed watching football matches live, but if you are in Lagos, there are so many places where you can watch these matches. We are not talking about boring football viewing centers, but places where you are free to scream, cry, make friends and hug each other after a sweet victory.

Football doesn’t recognize religion or culture, it is binds people together and allow you have a great moment with people who share your passion. These are some of the best spots where you can watch football in an exciting and cosy environment.

Esporta Lounge

Even if you are new in Lagos, all roads lead to Esporta Lounge at Ojodu Berger Road on football evenings. The screams of joyful jubilation, sighs of missed goals and the sweat rushing down anxious fans in an air-conditioned environment is an experience. You come here and forget that you are not even a Nigeria. Of course, there is only language spoken-the shout of goals.


Heineken champions Planet

UEFA Champions League always comes alive at the Heineken champions Planet. You can get all the fun and actions that these football matches bring.  This is one place where you can mingle with friends and meet some celebrities. The atmosphere is always electrified when fans meet to see who is better on a pitch.

Déjà Vu

On the Mainland is where Déjà Vu is located.  Loyal fans of clubs meet here to lock horns and boast on who would be going home smiling. This is one of the places where you football razz matazz makes sense. The environment is calm except during the games when fans are anxious on what is showing on the big screen.

Bar 007

The people on the Island are familiar with the fun that happens at Bar 007 when football games are played.  You will love the actions on the big screens and appreciate how football club fans change the place with their jerseys. The drama doesn’t end after a game, the discussions and analysis of games goes on and on.


You may have an idea of what happens here if you love beer and football. The fans are cool and radical depending on the club that is playing. Beerhugs is located at Ikeja Shopping Mall. You have two option to pick from; the outdoor viewing spot and VIP Lounge.