Top Sierra Leonean Getaway Trip Ideas

Sierra Leone is the country with the fastest-growing tourism sector in the earth, an African country filled with exotic landscapes full wild characters, hidden beaches and surfers’ haven. Weekends are fun in Sierra Leone, where visitors watch the sweet sands increase from the Atlantic Ocean and the sun-stained hues and green rainforest form a background.  These are some of the getaway trips that will make a weekend memorable in this beautiful country.

See the Cotton tree in Freetown

Freetown has a lot of memorable stories and landscapes that attract visitors to it daily. One of the fascinating things that Freetown has jealously guarded over the years is its cotton trees. Maybe, you have seen cotton trees around the world, but the cotton tree in Freetown has stories to tell. These trees represent freedom from slavery for the African people. However, there is one ancient tree that you need to see that is close to the Supreme Court.

Swim at the Tokeh Beach

Love brews in Tokeh beach, which was famous because French supermodels used it in the 1980s. The white sand beach has a cheerful background and peaceful atmosphere that attracts visitors to it. There are resorts and guest house where you can spend the weekend and watch the crocodiles.

Meet Endangered Wildlife at Gola Forest Reserve

Gola Forest Reserve is often referred to as the ‘Green Diamond’ of Sierra Leone, which is the largest rainforest to see in the lowland region of the country. You may never know the animal that you will find here over the weekend.

Visit the Outamba Kilimi National Park

The Outamba Kilimi National Park is a dark eco-tourism part with an enchanting environment, caught by two rivers; Great Scarcies and Mongo Rivers. Animals to see in this dense park include buffaloes and some rare species of elephants.

Climb the Mount Bintumani

Add adventure to your weekend by taking a ride to Mount Bintumani, an ideal place for mountaineering and hiking.  If want to get to the highest peak in the country, this mountain offers you that adventure.

Unwind at the Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary will endear wildlife and nature lovers with its spectacular surroundings. Imagine getting entertainment in a wildlife environment. You will enjoy nature and entertainment meets at this island where hippopotamus has their homes.


Watch Turtles at the Turtle Islands

The Turtles Islands consist of eight pacific islands that are nested to turtles. There is an opportunity to fish with your family and the locals. Your weekend trip to Turtle Islands begins with water activity. A speedboat will race for three hours before you can get to the island.

Visit the Banana Island

Banana Island has three islands, Dublin, Ricketts, and Mes- Meheux perfect for diving and snorkeling.  There are amazing historical features on the islands; The churches of 1881, the old slave docks of the traders of slaves, forests and bat caves.

Explore the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary will take your weekend for refreshment and rejuvenation as you spend time at the waterfalls and the villages. You cannot forget to watch the chimpanzees that have found a sanctuary here.

Get a Little Knowledge at the Bounce Island

In 1670, slave traders came to Africa and started picking Africans as slaves. The Bounce Island was one of the biggest slave stations for the Britain. Today, the left over the slave era is seen in forts, buildings, and landscapes.