Top Places You Can Dine in Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is a city that is pulsating with energy. The capital city of Senegal has outdoor markets, bars and restaurants that overflow the coastal city with exuberant flavors that is influenced by the culture of Vietnam, Portugal, France and Lebanon. However, the Senegalese voice is what sooths you and brings you to a culinary repertoire that never leaves you.  From the traditional meals and fresh seafood to gravies and sauces, you just cannot beat it when it comes to meals that would shut you up with its aroma and delicious taste.

Here are some of the great places you can eat if you are in Dakar;

Le Djembe

There is a huge number of Lebanese in Dakar which is why we feel their presence in the country’s culinary. Le Djembe is established by a Lebanese man whose menu is strictly Senegalese.  You can eat fresh juices such as bouye and hibiscus that are refreshing elixirs down to the traditional meals like thieboudienne, which is the national seafood meal and yasa.

Chez Loutcha

The black and white mosaic tiles are what adorn the Chez Loutcha.  The Cape Verdean eatery is taken care of by lazy ceiling fans that is seen swirling above as you eat. What will you order when you come here? There are the maffe, which is a rich tomato that is a based on a stew that comprises of lamb, chicken or beef with either groundnut or thick peanut sauce.  The traditionally dressed waiters who are always cheerful will help you with your order.

Le Seoul II

Le Seoul II is situated in a quiet back alley that is inviting. It is far from the bustling activities around it because of the way it is situated. It has a makeshift sports bar that air endless football games and the local Senegalese wrestling matches. The aroma of lamb hearts to goat to pigeon barbecue will fill you in. Your mouth will be set on fire with the kani at Le Seoul while the foufou will temper your mouth.


The night comes alive in Soumbedioune. You are left to choose from the wood-fired grills vendors who have prepared some of the sumptuous fishes for you to pick. The cost of eating these fishes around the Atlantic Ocean is affordable. The seafood you may love to eat include the red snapper, hogfish, mullet, grouper, sea urchins, seabream, porgysailfish, crab, shrimp, oysters and lobsters.  Beer is not allowed but there is room for you to enjoy your meal with it if you ask for it.

Hotel Sokhamon

There are few restaurants in Dakar that are like Hotel Sokhamon. It has an enviable view that is perched high above the lovely Atlantic Ocean.  It is an open-air eatery with sandstone sculptures and glazed floors. The cool breeze gives you an exotic feeling when you are at the bar or infinity pool.

Did we miss your favourite place in Dakar? You can comment below and tell us your experience on any of these listed eateries in this great city.