Top Movies That Celebrate African Culture You Need to Watch

Gone are the days when movies made in Africa are nothing to write home about because of poor production and badly written scripts.  African cinema has gone ahead to compete favourably with Hollywood and Bollywood when it comes to mind-blowing movies that talk about culture. Africa is created from culture and without culture, we will not be unique. This is the reason why many movie makers are taking advantage of our culture in making movies.

Over the years, voices have been heard through movies and lately, some of these movies are so beautiful that you may want to watch them over again. Here are some of our top movies:

The Wedding Party-2016

The Wedding Party is one movie you need to watch. The quest to make an African wedding perfect and glamorous was clearly depicted in this movie. It was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and also a crowd-pleaser because it makes a whole lot of cultural sense.

Town of Runners-2012

Town of Runner is an inspiring documentary set in a tiny Ethiopian village.  The movie talked about a village where a high number of Olympic-calibre athletes are produced.


Timbuktu is a the first Mauritanian film to receive an Oscar nomination. The movie is one of the finest movies Africans have produced over the years.

Mali Blues-2016

The Mali Blues cleverly talked about a rising influence of Islamic radicals in Mali.  Fatoumata Diawara, also known as Fatou was featured in this documentary that saw him talk about running away from home due to violence.


Tsotsi won the Oscar award for Best Foreign Film. Set in South Africa and talked about a gang leader stealing a car only to find a baby inside the car.

Queen of Katwe-2016

Queen of Katwe  was adapted from an ESPN magazine article and subsequent book. The movie is a  biographical account of a young chess champion from the Ugandan town of Katwe. Talk of perseverance and hard work, think of this movie.

The First Grader- 2010

When an 84-year-old farmer decided to go back to school in Kenya after the government offered everyone free education, the center couldn’t hold in many quarters. The First Grader is an educative movie for those who think they are too old to go back to school.

The Wedding Ring-2016

The Wedding Ring (Zin’naariyâ!) isn’t that ordinary love script that makes it to a movie. The movie talks about the culture significance in Niger and the culture of the outside world. A lady who came back from Paris saw a lot of resistance when she tried to adapt to her people.

District 9 -2009

District 9 is a world between aliens and humans in South Africa. The storyline took a different tune when things went the other way.

Half of a Yellow Sun-2013

Half of a Yellow Sun is an adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel with the same name. It talked about the civil war in Nigeria, set around two sisters and the repercussions of what they had done.

Sembene! (2015)

Ousmane Sembène’s story is centered around a  Senegalese director started who was drafted in to serve under the command of the French military during WWII.