Top Medical Mobile Apps That Are Saving Lives In Africa

The medical sector in Africa has improved tremendously over the years, with many lives saved since we started seeing some medical mobile apps.  These mobile apps can be accessed easily without cost while some are cost effective.

We have listed some of the amazing medical apps that can change the lives of millions of people in the rural areas.


MPedigree takes care of counterfeit medicines in Ghana.  Patients can easily verify any drug for free with the app. This is a life saver and has become one of the favorites medical apps in Africa.


Medicapt is a medical app for those in the DR Congo that supports doctors in documenting evidence of sexual violence. The app records medical evidence along with pictures digitally that is sent to lawyers or police.

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor has become a popular medical app in 10 African countries by updating health care advice and solutions to patients through answers from doctors.

Toto Health

Toto Health is used in Kenya to assists pregnant women with information on their health. Text messages are tailored to every pregnant women’s health through the app on the various stages of their pregnancy.

Safe Delivery App

Women in Ethiopia can use the Safe Delivery App in getting emergency information during childbirth and has helped midwives in saving many lives.

VetAfrica Mobile

Disease surveillance and livestock diagnosis has gotten a lot better with VetAfrica Mobile app. Doctors can collect data and diagnosis medical conditions that can affect both animals and man


If you are in South Africa, Helivac can help you get medical emergency help through its Helivac Helicopter Service. With the app, you can get help for people who are injured to be transported to suitable medical facility.


Mobile optimized skill training (MOST) is a mobile app that supports surgeons in working on traumatic brain and spine injuries.