Top Futuristic Technological Innovations You Can Explore In Africa

Every season comes with technological innovations that make life easier and better. For those of us in Africa, we are always searching for innovations that would keep us abreast with the world’s advancement. When we think we have seen it all, many innovations surprise us with their roles and efforts in making us live a great life.

We have picked some amazing innovations that are either developed or being researched.

The End Of Sewers

Eco-friendly toilets are on their way to some parts of the world where sewers are posing a challenge because of hygiene and poverty.  The revolution would knock out the sewer system and allow wastes to be treated on the spot. Imagine what would happen to millions of Africans who have challenges with toilet and sewer evacuation.

Bill Gates has a competition called “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge” looking for a viable and suitable prototype for this project.

Dextrous Robots

Many of us have not heard of dexterous robots.  Robots and computers end up in a halt if there are changes that are outside what have been preprogrammed on them. When we push them to do something beyond their power, they end up doing the opposite of what we want.  This brings dexterous robots to our rescue.

These robots provide opportunity for better automation.  Currently, researches are conducted around the world to learn how to fully utilize these robots.  Africans can enjoy the immerse benefits of these robots in areas of agriculture and lots more.

Brain-Computer Interface

Thanks to wealthy men like Elon Musk whose innovation Neuralink may put keyboard and mouse to retirement in the future. Many other innovations are definitely going to change the way we do things with the computer. While Africa is struggling to meet up with IT, these brain computer interface innovations would do us more good if we embrace it.

Swallowable Medical Devices

Currently, swallowable medical devices are being developed to help in capturing images of our guts on both adults and infants. The device doesn’t require patients to use anesthesia during the process.

Once these small medical devices are put to use, things like intestinal disorders and cancers are handled better.

Custom Cancer Vaccines

The extensive researches conducted on the human genome, vaccines and personalized medicines have given us hope. Today, there are vaccines breakthroughs on ailments like malaria, Ebola and other deadly diseases that have dealt with Africans.  The possibility that we can develop personalized or custom cancer vaccines is something to shout about.

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Generative Adversarial Networks is a futuristic advancement in neural network invented by Ian Goodfellow.

GANs places two neural networks against each other to solve a problem. When it comes to learning, this is something you need to know. Application includes improving gaming, modeling things and generating artificial images.

The following innovations are here with us. You don’t need to wait for the future to take advantage of the following:

  • Instant foreign language translation
  • 3-D metal printing
  • AI
  • Zero-carbon natural gas
  • Genetic fortune-telling
  • Artificial embryos
  • Machine learning
  • Big data analytics
  • Computer-assisted education
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sensing cities (smart cities)
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity