Top Five Restaurants in Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde

Have you been to Cape Verde? Not  every visitor know  that Cape Verde is in Africa. There is a fishing and touristic city called Santa Maria that is close to Amilcar Cabral International Airport and south of the country’s capital. There are so many places of attractions that you would love to see here  such as the Church of Nossa Senhora das Dores. However, we are taking you out of these lovely places at the Island and bringing you to some of the exotic eateries you can dine out and enjoy memorable meals.

We have listed five good restaurants you can eat in Santa Maria that will serve from quirky vegan eateries to casual cafes, where you can have the perfect romantic moments of your love.

Farolin Restaurant

Farolin Retaurant is a great eatery that is located on a rocky outcrop that allows visitors eat above the  waves. The panoramic views  of the sea and the expanse beach will keep you glued as you enjoy an evening .  You can order steaks and seafood alongside its extensive menu that will suit your budget.  The food, service and atmosphere are amazing.  There is love in the air here where you eat and dine out with your love ones.

Cape Fruit

Cape Fruit is a quirky and colourful restaurant that is lovely decorated with painted crates. There are cushions for you to seat and the rainbow patterned hammocks will take your breath away.   This is wonderful gem that is worth visiting.  The natural fruit smoothies, gluten free dishes and vegan is created with love.

 Chez Pastis

Great Italian food is what you will find in Chez Pastis that has great wine and excellent service.  It is perfectly tucked between two structures.  The restaurant is in the open air and under a grape vine that has around 16 seats. You can book in advance to enjoy your evening.

Ocean Cafe

Ocean Café is where you can be served pizza and drinks that are reasonably priced that are served in a lively environment. Are you hungry?  There is so much you can eat here such as fish ‘n’ chip with music taking over the environment. There is no place like the Ocean Café in Santa Maria, Sal. The night is mersmerized with activities and fun.

Tam Tam Bar

Tam Tam is an unpretentious place where you are served good cocktails alongside curries and burgers to fresh fish.  The staffs are helpful and the atmosphere is friendly plus an hour free WiFi that will keep active before you leave.