Top Five Fashion Trends with the Lace fabric

Among all the fabrics, lace is undoubtedly a favourite to both fashion designers and individuals. In this modern-day, you do not need a special occasion to wear lace as it can be worn like every other cloth, just with more style and beauty.

According to the famous Coco Chanel, the lace is considered to be “one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature.” Coco Chanel further stated that the lace always evokes those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky and that she does not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin”.

For this season and the next to come, below are some of the most amazing fashion trends you’ll ever come across:

I.) Total transparent look:

Need to sew an airy dress? The lightweight Chantilly lace is just the perfect fabric to make use of. Thanks to the absence of a lining while sewing, it will sure to leave a long-lasting impression.


II.) A tiered skirt:

What is a runaway show without this tiered and voluminous skirt? By using a black lace trim to decorate its hems, this skirt is just ideal if you plan on making heads turn and eyes fixed on you.


III.) 3d floral lace fabric:

When it comes to lace patterns, flowers are the best motif. Most fashion designers and wearers of the lace fabric are particularly interested in embroidered lace or 3d floral lace which may appear as gauzy petals from lingerie fabrics, heavy appliques on a delicate net, and rose-like coiled ribbons

IV.)  Lingerie inspired clothes:

Among the hottest fashion trends currently topping the charts is lingerie-inspired clothes. Once dresses and blouses are made with lace, they reveal the beauty of a woman’s body in the most stylish way.

V.) Fashion looks, inspired by the Victorian era:

In the Victorian era, Queen Victoria loved the lace fabric that she got married to Prince Albert in a beautiful white dress and veil, embellished with lace.

In today’s world, it is quite impossible to imagine fashion runways without dresses, sleeves, and skirts made with lace and even shoes covered with this material as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of Using the lace

1.) The lace is a beautiful fabric. With its delicate nature, It is stunning, feminine, and ideal for a romantic look.

2.) In terms of versatility, the lace is a perfect choice for finishings, sleeves.  The lace is great for both casual and evening dresses and so on.

3.) When it comes to festivity, casual clothes decorated with lace fabric always look amazing and stylish.

4.) Thanks to its airy form, the lace is breathable in and comfortable as well. As a bonus, it also has a pleasant texture.


1.) Laces which are made of natural materials by leading European manufacturers are quite expensive. A lot of people are discouraged to buy due to the high price.

2.) Taking care of lace attires is labor consuming. The best option is dry-cleaning however you can also hand wash. Any garment with lace should be dried horizontally.

3.) Since lace is a transparent fabric,  the material is used for separate elements or in combination with other materials. For more opacity, you can also insert a lining.

4.) Because of how delicate and fragile the lace is, it can easily get torn or damaged.

Properties and qualities of Lace

1.) The lace is an openwork fabric that is either handmade or machine-made.

2.)  The weight of the lace varies from lightweight to heavy depending on the type.

3.) It is airy, sheer, breathable, and may require a lining due to its transparent nature.

4.) The lace has a very soft texture especially if it is made with wool, cotton or silk.

5.) Lace fabric lasts longer when made with synthetic fibers.

6.) Using metallic threads in the lace adds shimmering to the fabric.

7.) Although the designs on the lace can often be geometric, ornamental, with checks and paisley or waves and stripes, the most common patterns on the lace fabric include floral and botanical patterns.