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Top Competing Bands in Calabar Carnival

Calabar Carnival has metamorphosed into a yearly event which blends dexterity in colours,cultural diversity, choreography skills, musical concepts and costumes of five different bands. The uniqueness is beautiful and the enthusiasm is extremely high you never want to miss out from any of the presentation which is been performed by bands parades.  When watching the performance of this band you would definitely develop love and passion for each band groups and getting confused is something that’s common especially when to selecting a favourite band groups and would be much difficult if you are not yet a fan of any band.

Bayside Band
The unique colour of the Bayside band is blue. The blue colour is used in creating some wonderful costumes for the different bands in this band.   The Bayside was the winner of the competition, in the year 2007. How the present there dances, there moves and creativity would entices you to join the band.

Masta Blasta Band
Masta Blasta band over the years is definitely turning the favourite of millions of people.  Maybe because they are always winning at all times In the carnivals. The colour of the band is orange which they make it look so attractive. The uniqueness of this band in everything is what makes it the biggest band during the Calabar Carnival, they put up and got a lot of swag. The band entices all in attendance at the carnival and obviously carries everyone  along especially with their wonderful different brands of music and dance.

Seagulls Band
This band is known as the ‘Celebrity band.’ Because If you have never seen some of the Nigeria’s celebrities, you would be sure of seeing them in this band which helps the band gain and attracts a lot of viewers. Celebrities are seen by all in attendance dancing along in some beautiful and amazing costumes. They turn up the hole place when is time for their presentation. The turn the town red with their unique red costume and they are seen matching proudly. Most of their members are celebrities from Nollywood. That is why the attract people, the are always the centre of attraction.

Freedom Band
Yellow is the new black for them. The freedom band is known with its  black emancipation, and whenever they come out the environment automatically turns yellow. It has 10 troupes and this troupe makes up different colours to create a very beautiful costumes. They believe that they own the sun and they are not shying away from this claim during the Calabar Carnival parade. They amaze people with their combination of yellow which makes them stand out in the carnival.
Passion 4 Band
Passion 4 band has obviously taking the trophy home, they are four time winner of the competition. The outstanding nature of the band has made it not to just pick any members, it selects them and pass an audition. The Passion 4 band is good and they are outstanding besides any other group and the also has no fear of other group which makes them been feared by other groups.