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Top Car Rental Company You Can Hire when traveling to Africa

Car rental companies have become a dream come true for tourists. When you have  a car to yourself for your own convenience, tourism become more fun.  These car hire companies made it easier by putting GPS setting which would direct you to different parts in the country. We have a few of these trusted car hire companies you can make use of in Africa.

Who has not heard of Avis Car Rental Company which is located at approximately 5,550 places all around the world? For tourists, Avis means the same as travelling. This car rental company was founded in the year 1948 with the sole purpose of making life easier for tourists. This they achieved and became one of the top car rental companies all around the world.


Hertz Car Rental Company is also the choice of tourists. It is ranked the second top car rental company. Hertz is a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings Inc and is an American Company. In order to reach out to many tourists at a time, they spread their tentacles to over 150 countries. They have stolen the hearts of so many travellers as they offer great services at low prices, not only that, they give special weekend and daily offers and do not charge for the use of credit cards.


Europcar, as its name depicts is best acknowledged in the European countries. It was founded in the year 1949 in Paris. It is a French car rental company and is located in over 147 countries all around the world spanning over Europe, North American, Western Asia and Africa. To its customers, it gives bonus services and had once given an additional driver to the amazement of their customers. The booking of their service can be done easily online at an affordable price and with a discount. They have made their cars so comfortable and they make available cars to fit into your style. You can play music of your choice and feel at home. Hertz is one of the leading rental car companies. They also sponsor sports like road cycling and others and partner with hotels and airlines.

Enterprise Rent a car

Enterprise was founded by Jack Taylor in the year 1957 and as of then was known as Executive Leasing Company. This company is the largest car rental company in the United States. It has 9000 locations and 419 airport locations worldwide. They are true to their vision of taking care of their customers and letting profit come later.They care for their customers and in their various cars, they make available  radios and music players to the relaxation of their customers. They also rent to customers cars according to what the occasion may be, either business or leisure trip. They make their services affordable.

Sixt Car Rental Company is always at the forefront and they claim to be the first  car rental company with a website and it was their idea first to make available mobile reservations before other car rental companies. They are available in over 105 countries and have 4,000 locations. They are very good at taking tourists to their destinations worldwide rendering the best service a traveler would ask for and they also give discounts to their customers.