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Top Business Cities in Africa

The importance of trade and commerce to the economic growth of nations cannot be overemphasized. Daily, countries are constantly engaging in trades amongst each other. For business visitors to Africa, they are particularly interested in countries where they can invest in with huge prospects of getting tangible returns. As is our tradition, we itemize and discuss several key cities where trade and commerce is on the high and where potential business visitors would like to stop by.

Lagos, Nigeria: Lagos is the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. Intense trade and commerce occurs in this city on a daily basis. The city is estimated to have a total of 20 million inhabitants thus making it a haven for any good business idea as the market for consumption readily exists. The people in the city are also very commercially inclined so getting people in which to start a business with would be very easy. Though the Nigerian economy is currently facing a recession, this does not in any way inhibit the people of the country rather it has strengthened their vigour to succeed in the dire situation. Nigeria is also an oil producing country thus making money available in the country to buy into any potential business ideas


Nairobi, Kenya: Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. The East African country is known globally for its rich array of wild life thus making it attractive to tourists especially the capital city. Apart from its well-known tourist sites in the city, visitors to Nairobi are also known to go there in order to explore business opportunities in the city. The local stock exchange in Nairobi is amongst the largest in the continent. Also the city houses the African headquarters of some of the international organizations in the world such as Pfizer, Sage amongst other. The tech scene in Nairobi is also developing at an alarming pace and thus provides another area for investors to look into


Johannesburg, South Africa: Jo’burg as popularly known is the equivalent of Lagos in Nigeria. The boom of commercial activities is amongst the highest on the continent. The government of the country works tirelessly to ensure that the city remains crime and risk free for investors and business men thus making it a dream location for potential investors.


Casablanca, Morocco: Located in the North of Africa, the country is known for huge commercial activities. In fact, Morocco’s economy is so strong that it invests heavily in other African countries particularly those in the central and west of Africa. Entrepreneurs looking to invest on the continent should definitely consider Casablanca as a potential destination.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The capital city of Ethiopia also doubles as the largest city in the country. The strong potential that lies in Addis Ababa is epitomized by their strong trade partnerships with the Peoples republic of China. Home to the headquarters of the Africa Union (AU), the government of Ethiopia continually strives to ensure that development is held at a high level in order to continually attract investors and business men to the country. The Best Airline in Africa as ranked by Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) EXPO “Ethiopian Airline” is also based in Addis Ababa