Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation

Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation
Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation

Many people do not know that Africa has islands with a feel of the Caribbean. While safari tours to places like Maasai Mara often come up during a tropical vacation, we have many islands that would leave you breathless with adventures.

In this blog, we would talk more about the exotic islands that you can visit during your vacations. Whether you want a pristine sandy beach, warm ocean, crystal clear sea waters, marine activities, and engaging activities, here are where you can visit:

Cape Verde Islands

 Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation

Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation

Cape Verde is a perfect getaway on the west coast of Africa. Many considered this island as trendy because of its numerous islands. For instance, Sal has become the most visited destination in Cape Verde because of its activities.

If you want to experience a vivid African culture, you can visit any of the islands in Cape Verde. Sal has white sprawling sand beaches with convenience and beautiful pastel colourful properties.

Cape Verde is ideal for people who want to enjoy a romantic honeymoon with the Caribbean environment.


Madagascar is a premier destination for people who want to have a slice of luxury and wildness.  The small island provides you with a plethora of great collection of flora and fauna. You may not find most of wildlife in Madagascar anywhere in the world.

You can dine in expensive restaurants, relax in exotic hotels, and shop in Nosy Be by the Indian Ocean.  The tranquility, harmony , and clear turquoise waters attract tourists to this stunning island.

 Top African Islands For A Tropical Vacation


The Republic of Mauritius has magical islands like Agaléga, Mauritius, Rodriguez, and St. Brandon. The country is a cultural melting pot of Indian, European, and African influences. If you want a getaway or honeymoon, Mauritius is the best gift you can offer yourself.

You can find beautiful shores and countless island beach resorts in Mauritius, making it a world-class destination for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. On the islands, you can find many plant, birds, and mammals speciesafrican_islandmauritius_island


Unguja, popular known as Zanzibar Island is a dream destination for everyone. When it comes to exploring the best of the Caribbean in Africa, Zanzibar leaves you with more to do.

With an influence of Arab, Indian, and Africa, you would find Zanzibar exotic.  The unique culture is reflected everywhere on the island, especially the Stone Town. You can find many places to visit like the Changuu, JozaniChwaka Bay National Park, charming bazaars, mosques, Mnemba Island,the Old Fort of Zanzibar, courtyards, and the stunning white sandy beaches.


With115 paradise islands, Seychelles archipelago is a kingdom on earth. Seychelles has white sand beaches, rare wildlife like the pelagic seabirds and Aldabra giant tortoise, and azure waters for diving and snorkeling.

The island blends Asian, European, and African culture and has a must-try cuisine. You have many luxury resorts to make your accommodation selection, which is an ideal spot for families and honeymoon couples.

Lamu Island

The Lamu Island is known for its bizarre Old Town. Lamu is the best-protected Swahili settlement and the oldest to visit with unique features.  The town is constructed with mangrove timber and coral stones, and the houses come with intricately carved wooden doors, inner courtyards, and verandas.

There is no road in Lamu, which means you need water transportation to reach here.