Top Africa Inspiring Movies to Watch

Queen of Katwe was filmed in English, but that isn't Madina Nalwanga's first language. "She worked extremely hard," co-star Lupita Nyong'o says, "and I think her discipline as a dancer came in very handy."

Africa has thrilling wildlife, sweeping landscapes, tribal lifestyles, and talents that make moviemaking exciting.  While we are seeing a new trend in our movies, we have some old movies that have stolen our heart and the limelight.  If you want to take a memory walk into some of the amazing movies ever produced in Africa, here is a list for you:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind | Malawi

We have millions of Africans with life-changing ideas. While a few have crossed hurdles to bring these ideas to reality, others have kept their ideas behind. In the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind,” we see curiosity and need playing a part in solving some community challenges.

The story-line is rich and would leave you inspired to bring out your ideas and put them to work.

Gorillas in the Mist | Rwanda

Dian Fossey had fascinated everyone around the world with her story. Even after her death, this movie centered around her has always brought her work in Africa to the limelight. She had started the mountain gorilla research and conservation.  She had an amazing work going on with the animals, but less cordial with humans. She was murdered, but that didn’t stop her work and legacy.

Born Free | Kenya

If you love wildlife, Born Free will impress you. The movie was centered around Elsa, a lioness and the compelling friendship in the lion orphanage.  You will love the conservation project created in the movie and the challenges the actors faced.  Today, there is a lodge called Elsa the Lioness because of the movie.

Out of Africa | Kenya 

Out of Africa offers you a stellar cast with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford and great cinematography. In the era when this movie was created, you cannot help but feel good about the production. From the Mozart’s soundtrack to the biplane flight over a lake, you would be gripped with suspense. If you love safari life, you should watch this movie.

The Lion King | Pride Lands

The Lion King has both cartoon and animated version that have great soundtracks and scripts. The Disney movie talked about Simba and his adventures to bring peace to the land. The giggle hyenas, the evil snarling Scar, Pumba, and Timon made this movie a must watch. The 2019 remake makes everyone sing along with the charaters, Hakuna matata!  Even kids are great fans of the movie.

Queen of Katwe | Uganda

Queen of Katwe is an inspiring movie based on Phiona’s struggles in the slums of Kampala.  Against all odds, she beat the circumstances around her to learn the board game, chess. Phiona went to become the queen of chess game in her country and ended up transforming her family’s life.

Jock of the Bushveld | South Africa

Jock of the Bushveld is a South African movie focused on a dog, Jock and Percy Fitzpatrick. The movie was shot in the present-day Kruger National Park, where the pair went through lots of adventures. We saw a great friendship and loyalty displayed by the pair and how South Africa was during the era the movie was shot.

I Dreamed of Africa | Kenya

The personal tragedy that almost marred Kuki Gallmann’s life story didn’t stop the thrilling movie.  I Dreamed of Africa is among the best safari movies ever shot with a transformative storyline of moving around the continent.  In addition, wildlife conservation made the movie to be more exciting.  Today, you can find a Gallamann family’s lodge in the country.

King Solomon’s Mines | Zimbabwe

If you have not watched King Solomon’s Mines, this article should inspire you to get the movie. Based on H Rider Haggard’s book, the movie takes you through exciting and suspenseful scenes. The hunt for a forgotten treasure unleashed many evil that would keep you gripping the handle of your chair.

The Constant Gardener | Kenya

You will get a thriller and a love story in “The Constant Gardener,” where a bereaved British diplomat has to pick up the wife’s investigation into the shady dealings of a Big Pharma company.  Everything changed for him when he saw what the wife was into before her death and continued from where she stopped.

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